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Classic Sports Video is about vintage, old-school sports on video—primarily professional and college football, basketball, baseball, boxing, professional golf, and more recent mixed martial arts (MMA). Also Olympic Games broadcasts since 1960. Legendary championship games and bouts, and non-title events. With an emphasis on the 1950s thru the early 1990s, but with many broadcasts tracing back to the early 1900s. Over 15,000 events altogether. 

It all started in the late 1970s when one of our co-founders began to build a collection of boxing and other sports on VHS, later Super VHS (which has 60% more lines of resolution than VHS—virtually the quality of an SP-recorded DVD), and eventually DVD.  Shortly afterward, he acquired many original Beta tapes recorded by a U.S. collector who had been recording boxing, via a sharp cable-TV hookup, since 1976.  Even today, our famous boxing library represents the bulk of our inventory and of our sales, but acquisitions (and original-recording) of various other major sports recordings over the years represent the finest quality in video media as well. Our customers who acquire football, baseball, and basketball games from us, for example, are purchasing the best quality recordings available, and regularly tell us so!  "Yours are the finest-quality recordings, BY FAR," is a common customer comment. 

What separates us from our competitors? Our uniquely sourced library of footage. Unlike our competitors, we generally obtain our footage directly from studio sources (usually at great expense), including the major television networks, production companies, and other off-air sources. Sources available to virtually no one else, irrespective of the money one might be willing to offer a network for a broadcast. We also have thousands of originally recorded events, taped via either VHS, Super VHS, or DVD since 1979. In nearly all cases, we do not offer copies or even DVD "duplicates" of broadcasts obtained from any competitor. 

Quite the contrary—we offer duplicates to you of our own original recordings or from studio recordings we acquired DIRECTLY from the studios.  By the way, much of the multi-generational, watered-down, often unstable footage available elsewhere actually was first released (but in “brand-new" video quality then) by Classic Sports Video, usually 22-45 years ago, on VHS or Super VHS.  However, those videos were subsequently copied and recopied numerous times by various people, and on all kinds of mediocre equipment.  With the generational video quality loss occurring then via VHS-to-VHS transfer, most classic events available today from competitors have only poor-to-decent picture quality. Conversely, Classic Sports Video is the home of the “brand-new” look—literally the quality you see on your TV today when you turn on a ball game or a fight. Or, in the case of 100-year-old films, the best quality available as well, and surprisingly sharp. 

We don’t offer any broadcasts with logos or running sports scores/results onscreen, such as those recorded from ESPN Classic. Ours typically will be BETTER quality than those, AND free of any logos and scores. We don’t offer broadcasts that use announcers who were not on the actual live broadcast, such as “Superbouts” or other "retrospective" broadcasts. Not only are our recordings “live,” but they often include the original commercials! 

We also use the best professional equipment available (which is regularly cleaned and tested) to make your DVDs and tapes, and the best quality media.  We have 16 new VCRs (mostly both S-VHS- AND VHS-capable machines) and 14 DVD recorders, so we are capable of transferring any tape to DVD perfectly.  We don't EVER ship DVDs that freeze, pixillate, skip, jump, or fail in any way (though if it ever should happen, eventually, we'll replace it promptly with a smile!).  ALL DVDs/tapes we make are tested TWICE on DIFFERENT machines before shipment. Our customers regularly tell us what one collector recently said: "In all of the years I've dealt with you, I've never received a defective DVD or tape from you."  Our quality control is unparalleled.  

We do not offer the lowest prices.  We do not offer junky "career sets."  What we offer is the best quality video ANYWHERE for collectors and casual fans who seek the best

Oh yes, we do provide timely service (typically 72-hour turnaround or less) and we stand behind every one of our products with a no-hassle exchange policy, and availability 24/7 via email for your questions or possible problems. If you’re in the US, leave a phone number and we’ll call you back, if you like. We cannot offer returns for refunds, given the ease of DVD duplication nowadays.  But, we’ll make good on any legitimate claim of product defect and send you a replacement DVD or tape of the same broadcast.  And we test every DVD and tape that leaves our premises to ensure ahead of time that there are no defects!  We are proud of our loyal, repeat customer base, and we do everything possible to keep our customers happy. 

FREE sample DVDs are sent to every new customer with their initial order, containing 30-second clips of 50-100 events or fights in mint quality, so that you can see samples before you buy—and to see our superior quality vs. our competitors.

Please email us at ClassicSportsVideo@hotmail.com for a quote on any broadcast(s) that may interest you. 

You will be pleased at our dependable, superior service and thrilled by the quality!

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*** All items are offered and sold with no rights given or implied. Every broadcast offered is considered to be in the public domain, but in any case, we hold no copyrights or other rights, and are conveying none. These recordings are sold from one collector to another collector, for personal enjoyment in one's home, with the express agreement and understanding by both parties that NO commercial or business use by the purchaser-- including but not limited to re-selling, renting, licensing, editing, film-making, video creation, broadcasting, or posting to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, or comparable websites-- whether in whole or in part-- is expected or will occur. ***


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