All broadcasts below are beautiful mint quality, the best quality available, unless otherwise indicated (only item #4 is not mint quality, though it's still excellent quality).  (Unfortunately, the majority of our golf broadcasts are currently in storage and not easily accessible, therefore not listed below.  They include numerous old Shell TV matches. Please email us to let us know of your requests.)  

****  AVAILABLE THE SAME DAY AS ORIGINALLY BROADCAST-- APRIL 10, 2016, preceding the Masters' final round:  

"Jim Nance Remembers Augusta: Jack Nicklaus At The Masters" (CBS) - SEE #13 below.  ****

Currently available (and accessible) broadcasts are listed below:

 1) 1974 US Open at Winged Foot, final round (entire ABC coverage that day from opening music to closing credits) - Hale Irwin wins "The Massacre At Winged Foot" with +7 total, overtaking a young Tom Watson, the leader after 3 rounds, on the toughest US Open course EVER. Runner-up Forrest Fezler finished at +10! - We acquired this DIRECTLY from ABC--with all the original (1974) commercials, it's NOT the ESPN Classic version -- Over 3 hours - We are the only ones with this and have released it to only one person thus far; it's available now! - $249.00

2) 1978 Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic, Final round - OUR FAVORITE, due to Jack Nicklaus needing to finish with 5 consecutive birdies to nip leader Grier Jones-- and Jack DID it! . . . to win by 1 stroke over Jones.  Greatest pressure finish that we at Classic Sports Video have ever seen in golf, bar none.  Got this DIRECTLY from CBS.  BUT, their archived video ran out after Jack's 16th hole!  So, we see the start of the final round broadcast all the way through 3 of Jack's last 5 holes (#'s 14, 15, 16), but NOT his last two holes . . . it's all CBS had 20 years after the tourney (which is when we acquired it) . . . sorry! - Again, no one else has this, we've never sent it to anyone.  Available now.  Live original CBS call with original commercials. - $199.00

3) 1973 US Open final round, won by Johnny Miller with record 63 on last day, starting his 4-year run of greatness in 1973-1976; he blazed past A LOT of players on this Sunday. Complete ESPN Classic re-broadcast of original 1973 ABC color video broadcast (with original ABC announcers and graphics). Approx. 2 hours with (1990s) commercials - $139.00

4) 1986 Masters, COMPLETE Final (4th) Round, Original CBS broadcast (excellent quality) - Nicklaus wins at age 46!  Beats terrific field with final-round 65 (incl. 30 on the back nine), coming from behind. - $160.00 (on 3 DVDs) -- Or, get the COMPLETE final (4th) round PLUS the COMPLETE round 3, PLUS round 2 highlights shown before the start of round 3 (the round 2 highlights were joined in progress), for $185.00!  All are the original CBS broadcast.

5) 1962, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986 US Open Final Rounds via ESPN Classic, 2 hours each - $139.00 each (note that this version of the 1974 US Open final round is lower-priced at $139.00 than item #1 version at top of this list.)

6) Official US Open Highlights films by the USGA, all narrated and great - 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1980 - 30 minutes each to 60 mins each (as we recall) - $79.00 each - These are the official USGA films, NOT recorded off of TV, they are UN-edited and contain no commercials or commercial cuts.

7a) Official Highlights of the 1977 British Open, via ESPN Classic - The amazing "Duel In The Sun" when Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus LAPPED the field after three rounds; round 4 was essentially a 2-man shootout. Great drama through last day on #18 when Nicklaus explodes his shot out of shrubs after errant drive, to land his 2nd shot on front edge of green, then sinks long birdie putt to force Watson to sink his short birdie putt for what had seemed like a sure win for Watson a few minutes earlier. Greatest-ever British Open duel and finish. (1 hour, including commercials)- $99.00

7b) Official Highlights of the 1976 British Open, via ESPN Classic - Johnny Miller runs away with it in the final round, playing with teenaged 3rd-round leader Seve Ballesteros.  Brilliant introduction to the golf world on the big stage for Seve, and Johnny's 2nd and last victory in one of the four majors. (1 hour, including commercials)- $99.00

8) Official Highlights film of the 1975 Masters, via ESPN Classic - Famous, possibly greatest Masters, where veteran Jack Nicklaus holds off a prime Tom Weiskopf AND prime Johnny Miller (the latter two playing together). Jack makes famous humongous-long putt on 16th in last round to seal victory.  About 60mwith 1990s commercials. - $99.00

9) Official Highlights video (it's crystal-clear video, not film) of the 1999 British Open, via ESPN Classic - Frenchman Jean Van de Velde's horrifying (and sympathy-inducing) collapse on the 72nd hole, after leading the tournament basically wire-to-wire for 71 holes--all four days.  He had a three-stroke lead at the 72nd tee and needed only a 6 on the par-4 final hole to win outright--a double-bogie would win!  Instead, he made 7, and Paul Lawrie won in a 3-way playoff over Van de Velde and Justin Leonard.  Sad,  sad, sad, maybe also poetic.  Van de Velde kept his dignity even as he absolutely collapsed under nerves of jelly; he was a class act.  Even after knocking it in the water and having to go in barefoot after it.  That 18th hole took him over 20 minutes to play. 
- This broadcast is either 30m or 60m with ESPN Classic commercials - $89.00

10) "The Back Nine at Cherry Hills: Legends of the 1960 US Open" - Fantastic, well-produced documentary of the final round of the 1960 US Open, in which one of any number of men might have won and the lead constantly changed hands.  Yet, it was then-20-year-old amateur, Jack Nicklaus, playing in the same pairing with an older-but-still-capable-of-winning pro legend, Ben Hogan, both dueling the game's reigning, charismatic star at the time, Arnold Palmer (playing in another group), in a meeting of three generations of golfing Gods.  Never before, never since, has there been a US Open where the three best of three different eras were all in the hunt and going head-to-head to win.  Palmer executed one of his greatest closing-day streaks to notch the victory.  With lots of great biographical background on EACH of the three greats, going back to their respective childhoods, to set up this last round at Cherry Hills in 1960.  With HIGH Drama over the entire last 18 holes. Recorded this Hi-Definition (HD) broadcast directly to DVD. Looks perfect!! - 60 minutes - $89.00

11) Official 1986 Masters Highlights Video from Official commercial DVD--even sharper than the previous official VHS release! - Nicklaus wins at age 46!  Beats terrific field with final-round 65 (incl. 30 on the back nine), coming from behind. - 60 minutes - $89.00 for a DVD copy (available cheaper elsewhere, but ours is PERFECT quality!)

12) "Jack Nicklaus - His March Through The Majors" - original commercial DVD, 2001 - orig. shown on a CBS golf broadcast in 2001, then was made by CBS into a commercial DVD.  Fantastic show; Jack discusses ALL 18 of his pro major victories, one by one, with lots of great video footage of them.  Long: 180 minutes, incl. Jack talking at length with friends invited to his home (a separate broadcast from his March Through The Majors, included on same disc) - $89.00 for a DVD copy

13)  ****  NEW! "Jim Nance Remembers Augusta: Jack Nicklaus At The Masters"  **** - Broadcast on CBS on April 10, 2016, immediately preceding the final round of the 2016 Masters.  Great documentary, with Jack Nicklaus recalling many stories, also Jack II, and the Golden Bear's career at the Masters golf tournament. Includes a several-minute piece on Nicklaus's friendship and Masters history with Arnold Palmer, same with Bobby Jones. MUCH FOOTAGE THROUGHOUT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE, and quite a few stories and facts here have never before been discussed in the numerous books and videos on Nicklaus. - Complete. - 47 minutes (only the commercials were removed from the 1-hour broadcast).  Recorded this Hi-Definition (HD) broadcast directly to DVD in XP (1-hour) mode, for best quality.  Looks perfect! - $79.00 for a DVD

14)  ****  NEW! " '86 "  ****  (2016, from The Golf Channel) - All about Jack Nicklaus at the 1986 Masters, containing the recollections of numerous attendees and others never seen in any other documentaries about the 1986 Masters, as the round is shown.  Fresh new look at a classic Masters. Narrated by actor John Cusack.  - Complete, 55 minutes (only the commercials were removed from this 1-hour broadcast).  Recorded this Hi-Definition (HD) broadcast directly to DVD in XP (1-hour) mode, for best quality.  Looks perfect! - $79.00 for a DVD

15) Some other 1970s and early-to-mid 1980s PGA, Masters, and British Open Tournament Official Highlights films - 30 & 60 minutes each - via ESPN Classic or The Golf Channel - $89.00 each

16) "One Move To Better Golf" - Instruction video with Carl Lohren, well-known NY PGA club professional who wrote the classic mid-1970s book of the same name.  Here, with renowned NY-area PGA club pro Gene Borek (who shot 65 in the second round of the 1973 US Open, breaking the course and US Open single-round records until champion Johnny Miller shot 63 two days later), they discuss and demonstrate the classic "one move" that leads to other correct movements for a fundamentally correct and classic golf swing.  And they spend time both showing and describing how the one move makes so many OTHER elements of the swing occur correctly as a result of the one move.  This is fundamental instruction taught by literally thousands of golf instructors worldwide to this day, to help beginners right up to the pros.  A brand-new, crystal-clear VHS tape from 1983 that we duplicated to DVD. Rare! - $95.00  

17) 2009 British Open, Complete 4th (final) round and Playoff - 59-year-old, all-time great Tom Watson led much of the way at Turnberry, up until the 18th hole on the final day.  Stuart Cink won a 2-man, 4-hole playoff with Watson following Watson's bogey on his final hole of regulation play. - $145.00 (several DVDs)

18) Arnold Palmer 3-part documentary from The Golf Channel (2014), with 4th companion program produced for this series - COMPLETE 4-Broadcast, 2-DVD SET (NEWEST biographical documentary series on The King)

-- Amazing documentary covering The King's youth and upbringing, college, meeting and marrying his bride Winnie, his golf career starting in the amateurs, his exciting and heartbreaking major tournament history, and SO much more . . . his legion of fans, his legacy concerning making pro golf a big-money sport and a TV sport, leveraging his power and popularity to create the Tournament Players Division of the PGA (and later, in establishing cutting-edge hospitals in his and Winnie's names), his alliance with super sports agent Mark McCormick, his magnetic appeal in endorsements including numerous TV commercials, his many businesses in his hometown of Latrobe, PA and elsewhere, his background as a pilot and his world record in circumnavigating the globe in his Lear jet, and mostly, his impact on ordinary people's lives.  See why Arnold is beloved by so many, why Arnie's Army is huge to this day, and why he earns more money than most any other athlete annually TO THIS DAY.  LOTS of classic footage, mostly color, some b&w.  Narrated by Tom Selleck. Recorded from High Definition (HD) cable TV source-- mint quality.

Arnie's Army - 54 minutes - Devoted to his popularity, the origin of the Army, his sex appeal, and his millions of loyal fans to this day - $79.00 
Arnie's Majors - 54 minutes - his legendary and also heartbreaking career at the Masters, US Open, British Open, and PGA - $79.00 
Arnie's Legacy - 54 minutes - his personal branding and endorsement appeal (internationally!), his businesses, hospitals, the PGA tour event he hosts, his starting the trend to pilot one's own plane from tour stop to business stop to tour stop - $79.00 
Arnie & Me - 55 minutes - stories from his many fans and his impact on them, with their own videos and pics of him and/or them with him - $79.00 

     Or, all four for $279.00

19)  ****  NEW! "Arnold Palmer: Golf's Heart and Soul"  ****  (from about 1997 or 1998, via The Golf Channel) - Great biography of one of golf's most exciting players and legends. Terrific production. Just found this one in our storage in April, 2022! - (2 hours, including commercials)- $139.00 for a 2-hour DVD

Please note: We have attempted to acquire more classic 1970s (and some other 1950s through 2000s) golf footage from TV network sources, but, presently, our golf collection is only "narrow and deep" with the above classics, plus those (not listed above) that are in storage.  We'd like to get the 1977 British Open final round (complete) from ABC, also the 1994 AT&T (formerly the Bing Crosby pro-am tournament, where an older Johnny Miller wins).  And a few more.  We'll see!  

Any new acquisitions will be reflected on this web site immediately.

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