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REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE BOXING LIST (all selections below are mint or excellent video quality)

(NONE are 'ESPN Classic,' 'SuperBouts,' 'Versus (VS),' or 'SKY TV' re-broadcast versions!!!  The very few 'Telemundo' re-broadcasts are noted as "in Spanish.")

-- Listed alphabetically by fighter FIRST name; and not always by the winner, so please look up a bout by both fighters' names, if necessary.  Or, Search this page using "Tools" then "Find" and entering the last name of a specific fighter. (Then do the same on the other boxing page!)  Thank you. --

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Murray Sutherland-Alex Ramos

Murray Sutherland-James "The Heat" Kinchen

Murray Sutherland-Matthew Saad Muhammad

Murray Sutherland-Michael Spinks II

Murray Sutherland-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

Murray Sutherland-Wilford Scypion

Mustafa Hamsho-Alan Minter (both CBS call and British call)

Mustafa Hamsho-Bobby Czyz

Mustafa Hamsho-Curtis Parker I

Mustafa Hamsho-Donny Lalonde

Mustafa Hamsho-Marvelous Marvin Hagler I  (orig. HBO) 

Mustafa Hamsho-Marvelous Marvin Hagler I  (NBC)

Mustafa Hamsho-Marvelous Marvin Hagler II (orig. HBO)

Mustafa Hamsho-Wilfred Benitez (ABC)

Nigel Benn-Chris Eubank II (Showtime)

Nigel Benn-Gerald McClellan

Nigel Benn-Iran Barkley

Nigel Benn-Lou Gent (ABC)

Nigel Benn-Michael Watson

Nigel Benn-Vincenzo Nardiello

Nino LaRocca-Donald Curry (ABC)

Nino LaRocca-Harold Volbrecht

Nino LaRocca-Pete Ranzany

Oscar De La Hoya-ALL of his 1992 Olympic bouts

Oscar De La Hoya-nearly ALL of his pro bouts

Oscar Muniz-Jeff Chandler & II

Pablo Baez-Anthony Releford (NBC)

Pablo Baez-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (orig. CC)

Paul Fujii (Takeshi Fuji)-Carl Penalosa

Paul Gonzalez (USA) - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Pedro Flores-Yoko Gushiken II

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Alfredo Layne

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Anthony Jones

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Azumah Nelson

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Ben Baez

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Danny Avery

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Diosbelys Hurtado

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Farrain Comeaux (Whitaker's 1984 pro debut)

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Felix "Tito" Trinidad

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Freddie Pendleton

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Greg Haugen

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Harold Brazier

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Jake Rodriguez

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-James "Buddy" McGirt I & II

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Jesus De la Cruz

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Jim Flores

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-John Montes

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-John Senegal

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Jorge Paez

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Jose Luis Ramirez I & II

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Juan Nazario

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Julio Cesar Chavez

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Louie Lomeli

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Miguel Santana

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Nick Parker

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Oscar De la Hoya

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Rafael Pineda

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Rafael Williams

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Roger Mayweather

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Santos Cardona

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Teddy Hatfield

Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker-Wilfredo Rivera I & II

Pierre Coetzer-George Foreman

Pierre Coetzer-Ken Lakusta

Pinklon Thomas-Alfonzo Ratliff

Pinklon Thomas-Bobby Jordan

Pinklon Thomas-Evander Holyfield

Pinklon Thomas-Gerrie Coetzee

Pinklon Thomas-Mike Tyson

Pinklon Thomas-Mike Weaver

Pinklon Thomas-Tim Witherspoon

Pinklon Thomas-Trevor Berbick

Pipino Cuevas-Billy Backus (NBC)

Pipino Cuevas-Clyde Gray

Pipino Cuevas-Espadas II  (Fox Espanol)

Pipino Cuevas-Harold Volbrecht (ABC)

Pipino Cuevas-Harold Weston, Jr.

Pipino Cuevas-Jorgen Hansen (NBC)

Pipino Cuevas-Jose Palacios  (Fox Espanol)

Pipino Cuevas-Jun-Sok Hwang (very rare 1983 bout)

Pipino Cuevas-Randy Shields (Rare Super-MINT quality live color video)

Pipino Cuevas-Roberto Duran (CC & NBC)

Pipino Cuevas-Scott Clark (in Spanish, still mint)

Pipino Cuevas-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (CBS and CC)

Prince Naseem Hamed-Marco Antonio Barrera (HBO)

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Earnie Shavers (CC & CBS)

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Jeff Shelburg (PRISM)   

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Ken Norton

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Larry Holmes (ABC)

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Leon Spinks

Randall "Tex" Cobb-Michael "Dynamite" Dokes I (ABC) & II (CC)

Randall "Tex" Cobb on Johnny Carson show (NBC) ~1983 - hilarious!

Randy Shields-Johnny Bumphus

Randy Shields-Pipino Cuevas (Rare Super-MINT quality live color video)

Raul Marquez-Tommy Small

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Alexis Arguello (CBS)

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Arturo Frias (CBS)

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Bobby Chacon (HBO)

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Duk Koo Kim (CBS)

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-George Feeney

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Johnny Torres (NBC)

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Jose Luis Ramirez

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Julio "Diablito" Valdez

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Livingstone Bramble I

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Livingstone Bramble II (CBS, HBO)

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini-Norman Goins

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Orlando Romero (CC)

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Eddie Mustafa Muhammad

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Gerrie Coetzee

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Greg Page

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Jorge Luis Gonzalez (PPV)

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Tyrell Biggs (HBO)

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Trevor Berbick (ABC)

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-"Terrible" Tim Witherspoon (ABC)

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Scott Frank

Renaldo "Mr." Snipes-Larry Holmes (ABC)

Riddick Bowe - ALL 1988 Olympic bouts (NBC)

Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota I & II

Riddick Bowe-Art Tucker

Riddick Bowe-Bert Cooper

Riddick Bowe-Elijah Tillery I

Riddick Bowe-Evander Holyfield I, II, & III

Riddick Bowe-Herbie Hyde

Riddick Bowe-Jesse Ferguson

Riddick Bowe-Larry Donald

Riddick Bowe (USA)-Lennox Lewis (CAN) - 1988 Olympics (NBC)

Riddick Bowe-Mike Acey

Riddick Bowe-Jorge Luis Gonzalez (PPV)

Riddick Bowe-Michael "Dynamite" Dokes

Riddick Bowe-Pierre Coetzer (HBO)

Riddick Bowe-Tony Tubbs

Riddick Bowe-Tyrell Biggs

Robbie Sims-John Collins

Robbie Sims-Mike Tinley II

Robbie Sims-Roberto Duran

Robert Shannon (USA) - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Roberto Duran-Alvaro Rojas (in Spanish; still a mint-quality picture)

Roberto Duran-Alvaro Rojas (very rare CBS vers.; only "7" of 10 quality)

Roberto Duran-Carlos Palomino

Roberto Duran-Davey Moore (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Davey Moore (CC)

Roberto Duran-Edwin Viruet I (CC)

Roberto Duran-Edwin Viruet II (ABC)

Roberto Duran-Ernesto Marcel (CC)

Roberto Duran-Esteban DeJesus I (Don Dunphy call)

Roberto Duran-Esteban DeJesus II (ABC/Howard Cosell call via ESPN Classic)

Roberto Duran-Esteban DeJesus III (rare CBS call [Ryan, Clancy, Dundee], "7.5"/10 quality)

Roberto Duran-Esteban DeJesus III (Spanish call, colorful picture, excellent; not mint)

Roberto Duran-Guts Ishimatsu Suzuki

Roberto Duran-Heath Todd

Roberto Duran-Hector Camacho I (USA re-broadcast with live Pay-per-view call)

Roberto Duran-Hector Thompson

Roberto Duran-Hiroshi Kobayashi

Roberto Duran-Iran Barkley

Roberto Duran-Javier Muniz (Very RARE ABC/Chris Schenkel call; a "7.0-8.0"/10 in quality)

Roberto Duran-Jimmy Batten

Roberto Duran-Jimmy Heier (ABC) (only the 4 selected rounds shown)

Roberto Duran-Josef Nsubuga (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Ken Buchanan

Roberto Duran-Kirkland Laing  (ESPN)

Roberto Duran-Leoncio Ortiz (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Lou Bizarro (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Luigi Minchillo (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Manuel Zambrano

Roberto Duran-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (CC and HBO)

Roberto Duran-Monroe Brooks (CBS, 4 of 8 rds.: all that was aired)

Roberto Duran-Nino Gonzalez (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Pat Lawlor

Roberto Duran-Pipino Cuevas (CC & NBC))

Roberto Duran-Ray Lampkin (in Spanish; still a mint-quality picture)

Roberto Duran-Robbie Sims

Roberto Duran-Sean Fitzgerald

Roberto Duran-Sugar Ray Leonard I (CC and ABC), II (CC and ABC), and III (CC and HBO)

Roberto Duran-Thomas Hearns (CBS and CC)

Roberto Duran-Tony Menefee

Roberto Duran-Victor Claudio

Roberto Duran-Vilomar Fernandez (CBS)

Roberto Duran-Vinnie Pazienza I and II

Roberto Duran-Wellington Wheatley (NBC) - new, excellent+ copy, VERY complete, with piece on Thomas "Sarge" Johnson and his training methods, incl. interviews with him, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Marvin Johnson

Roberto Duran-Wilfred Benitez (HBO)

Roberto Duran-Zeferino "Speedy" Gonzalez (ABC)

Rockin' Robin Blake-Melvin Paul (CBS)

Rocky Fratto-Tadashi Mihara (RARE U.S. call)

Rocky Graziano-Sugar Ray Robinson (RARE live CC call, with 1st-ever live post-fight dressing room interview)

Rocky Graziano-Tony Janiro III

Rocky Lockridge-Cornelius Boza-Edwards (CC)

Rocky Lockridge-Eusebio Pedroza I (CBS)

Rocky Lockridge-Juan LaPorte (CBS)

Rocky Lockridge-Roger Mayweather (NBC)

Rocky Lockridge-Wilfredo Gomez

Rocky Marciano-Archie Moore

Rocky Marciano-Don Cockell

Rocky Marciano-Ezzard Charles I & II

Rocky Marciano-Harry "Kid" Matthews

Rocky Marciano-Jersey Joe Walcott I & II

Rocky Marciano-Joe Louis

Rocky Marciano-Lee Savold

Rocky Marciano-Rex Layne

Rocky Marciano-Roland LaStarza II

Rodrigo Valdez-Carlos Monzon I (ABC) & II (CBS)

Rodrigo Valdez-Bennie Briscoe II (ABC)

Rodrigo Valdez-Hugo Corro II (CBS)

Rodrigo Valdez-Max Cohen (color video)

Rodrigo Valdez-Ramon Mendez

Roger Leonard (Sugar Ray's brother)-Clyde Gray (CC)

Roger Mayweather-Benedicto Villablanca

Roger Mayweather-Harold Brazier

Roger Mayweather-Julio Cesar Chavez I & II

Roger Mayweather-Kenny Baysmore (NBC)

Roger Mayweather-Kostya Tszyu

Roger Mayweather-Pernell Whitaker

Roger Mayweather-Rene Arredondo

Roger Mayweather-Roberto Garcia

Roger Mayweather-Rocky Lockridge (NBC)

Roger Mayweather-Rodolfo "Gato" Gonzalez

Roger Mayweather-Samuel Serrano

Roger Mayweather-Vinnie Pazienza

Ron Lyle-Earnie Shavers (silent color film, mint)

Ron Lyle-George Foreman (ABC)

Ron Lyle-Gerry Cooney (HBO)

Ron Lyle-Jerry Quarry (live color video)

Ron Lyle-Jimmy Young II (11 of 12 rds, only a "7.5"/10 in quality)

Ron Lyle-Joe Bugner (CBS)

Ron Lyle-Muhammad Ali (ABC)

Ron Lyle-Scott LeDoux (ABC)

Ron Lyle-Stan Ward (NBC)

Ron Lyle-Tim Pollard

Ronnie Harris (1968 US Olympian)-Frankie Reiche

Roy Jones, Jr.-ALL of his 1988 Olympic bouts

Roy Jones, Jr.-Antoine Byrd

Roy Jones, Jr.-Antonio Tarver I, II, & III

Roy Jones, Jr.-Art Serwano

Roy Jones, Jr.-Bernard Hopkins I & II

Roy Jones, Jr.-Bryant Brannon

Roy Jones, Jr.-Danny Garcia

Roy Jones, Jr.-David Telesco

Roy Jones, Jr.-Eric Harding

Roy Jones, Jr.-Eric Lucas

Roy Jones, Jr.-Felix Trinidad

Roy Jones, Jr.-Fermin Chirino

Roy Jones, Jr.-Glen Johnson

Roy Jones, Jr.-Glen Kelly

Roy Jones, Jr.-Glenn Thomas

Roy Jones, Jr.-Glenn Wolfe

Roy Jones, Jr.-James "Lights Out" Toney

Roy Jones, Jr.-Joe Calzaghe

Roy Jones, Jr.-Jorge Castro

Roy Jones, Jr.-Jorge Vaca

Roy Jones, Jr.-Knox Brown

Roy Jones, Jr.-Lou Del Valle

Roy Jones, Jr.-Merqui Sosa

Roy Jones, Jr.-Mike McCallum

Roy Jones, Jr.-Montell Griffin I & II

Roy Jones, Jr.-Otis Grant

Roy Jones, Jr.-Percy "No Mercy" Harris

Roy Jones, Jr.-Reggie Johnson

Roy Jones, Jr.-Reggie Miller

Roy Jones, Jr.-Richard Frazier

Roy Jones, Jr.-Richard Hall

Roy Jones, Jr.-Ricky Randall

Roy Jones, Jr.-Ricky Stackhouse

Roy Jones, Jr.-Ron Amundsen

Roy Jones, Jr.-Ron Johnson

Roy Jones, Jr.-Thomas Tate

Roy Jones, Jr.-Thulani Malinga

Roy Jones, Jr.-Tony Thornton

Roy Jones, Jr.-Vinny Pazienza

Roy Jones, Jr.-Virgil Hill

Ruben Olivares-Alexis Arguello (American call)

Ruben Olivares-Bobby Chacon #1

Ruben Olivares-Danny "Little Red" Lopez

Rudy Mata-Alex Celedon

S.T. Gordon-Carlos DeLeon I & II

S.T. Gordon-Trevor Berbick

Saensak Muangsurin-Guts Ishimatsu Suzuki

Salvador Sanchez-Azumah Nelson

Salvador Sanchez-Danny “Little Red” Lopez I (CBS) & II (CBS) (#2 is rare in this sharp quality)

Salvador Sanchez-Juan LaPorte (ABC)

Salvador Sanchez-Nico Perez (ESPN)

Salvador Sanchez-Pat Cowdell (HBO)

Salvador Sanchez-Patrick Ford (ABC)

Salvador Sanchez-Richard Rozelle (CBS)

Salvador Sanchez-Roberto Castanon

Salvador Sanchez-Rocky Garcia (HBO)

Salvador Sanchez-Ruben Castillo (ABC)

Salvador Sanchez-Wilfredo Gomez (complete fight/live call)

Salvador Sanchez-Wilfredo Gomez (ABC highlights) (15 mins.)

Samuel Serrano-Julio “Diablito” Valdez (very dirty tactics used in this fight)

Samuel Serrano-Roger Mayweather

Samuel Serrano-Yasutsune Uehara I (CC)  (broadcast joined in progress by network, starts at rd. 3; perfect-looking)

Saoul Mamby-Esteban DeJesus (ABC)

Saoul Mamby-Leroy Haley II

Saoul Mamby-Monroe Brooks

Scott LeDoux-Gerrie Coetzee (RARE)

Scott LeDoux-George Foreman (CBS)

Scott LeDoux-Greg Page

Scott LeDoux-Johnny Boudreaux (ABC) (Cosell's toupee knocked off in scuffle)

Scott LeDoux-Larry Holmes (ABC)

Scott LeDoux-Leon Spinks (Extremely RARE mint version) (CBS)

Scott LeDoux-Ken Norton (NBC) (an "8"/10 in quality)

Scott LeDoux-Marty Monroe (CBS) (Rare)

Scott LeDoux-Mike Weaver (CBS)

Scott LeDoux-Ron Lyle (ABC)

Sean O’Grady-Andy Ganigan

Sean O’Grady-Romeo Anaya  (Fox Espanol)

Sean O’Grady-Gonzallo Montellano (NBC)

Sean O'Grady-Hilmer Kenty (orig. ABC)

Sean O’Grady-Jim Watt (ABC)

Sean O’Grady-John Verderosa (NBC)

Sean O’Grady-Pete Ranzany (ESPN)

Sean O'Grady-Shig Fukayama - RARE English version ("7"/10 quality), also have sharper Spanish version

Simon Brown-Jorge Vaca

Simon Brown-Marlon Starling

Simon Brown-Sean O'Sullivan

Sonny Liston - 1-hour HBO documentary - "Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Life and Death of a Champion" - fantastic production

Sonny Liston-Albert Westphal

Sonny Liston-Bert Whitehurst II

Sonny Liston-Bill McMurray

Sonny Liston-Chuck Wepner (silent b&w film)

Sonny Liston-Cleveland Williams I

Sonny Liston-Cleveland Williams II

Sonny Liston-Eddie Machen

Sonny Liston-Ernie Terrell (sparring)

Sonny Liston-Floyd Patterson I

Sonny Liston-Floyd Patterson II

Sonny Liston-Henry Clark (ABC)

Sonny Liston-Leotis Martin (ABC)

Sonny Liston-Roy Harris

Sonny Liston-Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) I and II

Sonny Liston-Wayne Bethea

Sonny Liston-Willi Besmanoff

Steve Hearon-Eduardo Dominguez (NBC)

Steve McCrory (USA) - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Stevie Cruz-Antonio Esparragoza

Stevie Cruz-Barry McGuigan

Sugar Ray Leonard-Adolfo Viruet

Sugar Ray Leonard - ALL six of his 1976 Olympic fights (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Andres Aldama (1976 Olympics)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Andy "The Hawk" Price (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Armando Muniz (ABC) ("8.5" out of 10 in quality, still the best available)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Augustin Estrada (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Ayub Kalule (CC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Ayub Kalule (NBC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Bernardo Prada (HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Bruce Curry (1976 U.S. Olympic Trials (ABC) (Very rare)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Bruce Finch (ABC-- fairly rare version)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Bruce Finch (HBO-- Rare)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Clinton McKenzie (1976 Olympics)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Daniel Gonzalez

Sugar Ray Leonard-Davey “Boy” Green (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Dick Ecklund (HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Donny Lalonde (CC and HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Fernand Marcotte (NBC) (an "8" of 10 in quality, still the best available)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Floyd Mayweather, Sr. (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Frank Santore

Sugar Ray Leonard-Hector "Macho" Camacho (orig. PPV & USA versions)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Javier Muniz (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Johnny Gant (HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Kevin Howard (ABC & HBO versions)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Larry Bonds (HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Luis “The Bull” Vega (CBS) (pro debut)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Marcos Geraldo (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (orig. PPV )

Sugar Ray Leonard-Marvelous Marvin Hagler ("Road to the Superfight" special aired 2 weeks before, hosted by Jim Hill)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (HBO post-fight special aired a week afterward w/Larry Merchant, Ray Leonard, fight judges [30 mins.])

Sugar Ray Leonard-Paul Sherry (amateur)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Pete Ranzany (ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Rafael Rodriguez (CBS, b&w video, but very sharp)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Rafael Rodriguez (CBS, rare color video, "8.5"/10 quality)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran I (CC & ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran II (CC & ABC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Roberto Duran III (CC and HBO)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Rocky Ramon (ABC) ("8.0" out of 10 in quality, still the best available)

Sugar Ray Leonard-"Terrible" Terry Norris

Sugar Ray Leonard-Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns I (CC, HBO, ABC, & CBS) & II (CC)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns I (RARE ABC/Howard Cosell LIVE call (approx. 9 selected rounds only of the 14 total; 32 minutes running time) - NOT a "re-broadcast" call, but LIVE!

Sugar Ray Leonard-Tony Chiaverini

Sugar Ray Leonard-Ulf Carlsson (1976 Olympics)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Wilfred Benitez (ABC/Cosell call)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Wilfred Benitez (ULTRA-RARE, Supermint quality: crowd noise only; no commentators, lengthy!)

Sugar Ray Leonard-Willie “Fireball” Rodriquez (CBS)

Sugar Ray Robinson - 1-hour HBO documentary - "Sugar Ray Robinson: The Bright Lights and Dark Shadows of a Champion" - great production

Sugar Ray Robinson - movie: "Sugar Ray Robinson: Pound for Pound" - a classic

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carl "Bobo" Olson I

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carl "Bobo" Olson II

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carl "Bobo" Olson III

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carl "Bobo" Olson IV

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carmen Basilio I

Sugar Ray Robinson-Carmen Basilio II

Sugar Ray Robinson-Gene Fullmer I

Sugar Ray Robinson-Gene Fullmer II

Sugar Ray Robinson-Gene Fullmer III

Sugar Ray Robinson-Gene Fullmer IV

Sugar Ray Robinson-Jake LaMotta VI

Sugar Ray Robinson-Joey Maxim

Sugar Ray Robinson-Randy Turpin I

Sugar Ray Robinson-Randy Turpin II

Sugar Ray Robinson-Rocky Graziano  (RARE live CC call, with 1st-ever live post-fight dressing room interview)

Sugar Ray Seales-1972 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Sugar Ray Seales-Alan Minter (Sky British re-broadcast) (improved excellent quality version vs. previous)

Sugar Ray Seales-Marvelous Marvin Hagler III (CBS)

Susumu Hanagata-Chartchai Chionoi II

Tadashi Mihara-Davey Moore  (NBC vers. also crowd-noise-only vers.)

Tadashi Mihara-Rocky Fratto (RARE U.S. call)

Takeshi Fuji (Paul Fujii)-Carl Penalosa

Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba)-John Tate (USA) - (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba)-Tyrell Biggs (USA) II - (1983) (ABC)

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Clayton Hires

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Derrick “Hurricane” Kelly

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Donald Curry

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Meldrick Taylor

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Rene Jacquot (in French, still mint quality)

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Sugar Ray Leonard

"Terrible" Terry Norris-John "The Beast" Mugabi

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Luis Santana I, II, III

"Terrible" Terry Norris-Julian Jackson (ABC)

Thad Spencer-Ernie Terrell (ABC) (mint b&w video)

Thad Spencer-Jerry Quarry (ABC, color video)

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Angel Espada (ABC)

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor- (amateur; sharp color video)

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor (amateur; b&w, "7" of 10 quality)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Andrew Maynard (PPV)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Alfonso Hayman

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Ernie Singletary

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Fighting Jim Richards

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Fred Hutchings (NBC)

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Jeff McCracken

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Doug DeWitt

Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns-Roberto Duran (original CC & CBS)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Bruce Curry (CBS)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Dan Ward

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Dennis Andries

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Ed Dalton

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Harold Weston, Jr. (NBC)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Iran Barkley I & II

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-James “Black Gold” Shuler (commercial VHS version)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-James “Black Gold” Shuler (CC)- recorded complete from TV, not the abbreviated commercial video version

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-James "The Heat" Kinchen

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Juan Domingo Roldan

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Karl Willis

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Kemper Morton

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Lenny LaPaglia

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Luigi Minchillo (RARE; Sports Channel broadcast)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Luis Primera

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Marcos Geraldo

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Mark Medal

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (CC and HBO versions)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Murray Sutherland

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Michael Olajide

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Mike Colbert (ABC)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Pablo Baez (CC and NBC)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Pedro Rojas

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Pipino Cuevas (CC & CBS)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Randy Shields (ABC)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Sugar Ray Leonard I (CC, HBO, ABC, & CBS) & II (CC)

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Sugar Ray Leonard I (RARE ABC/Howard Cosell LIVE call (approx. 9 selected rounds only of the 14 total; 32 minutes running time) - NOT a "re-broadcast" call, but LIVE! 

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Uriah Grant

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Virgil Hill

Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns-Wilfred Benitez (orig. HBO)

Tim Witherspoon-Anders Ecklund

Tim Witherspoon-Frank Bruno

Tim Witherspoon-Greg Page I

Tim Witherspoon-James "Bonecrusher" Smith I & II (both HBO)

Tim Witherspoon-James “Broad Axe” Broad

Tim Witherspoon-James "Quick" Tillis

Tim Witherspoon-Jorge Luis Gonzalez

Tim Witherspoon-Larry Holmes (orig. CC)

Tim Witherspoon-Luis Acosta

Tim Witherspoon-Mark Wills II

Tim Witherspoon-Pinklon Thomas

Tim Witherspoon-Renaldo “Mr.” Snipes (ABC)

Tim Witherspoon-Tony Tubbs

Tommy Morrison-Carl “The Truth” Williams

Tommy Morrison-George Foreman

Tony Ayala, Jr.-Carlos Herrera

Tony Ayala, Jr.-Jose Baquedano

Tony Ayala, Jr.-Manuel Esparza (Ayala returns to ring after 17 years in prison)

Tony Ayala, Jr.-Mario Maldonado (HBO)

Tony Sibson-"Dangerous" Don Lee (NBC) (KO upset)

Tony Sibson-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (HBO)

Tony Tubbs-Greg Page (HBO)

Tony Tubbs-Mike Tyson

Tony Tubbs-Riddick Bowe

Tony Tubbs-Tim Witherspoon

Tony "TNT" Tucker-Chuck Gardner (rare, 1980)

Tony "TNT" Tucker-Eddie “Animal” Lopez

Tony "TNT" Tucker-James "Broad Axe" Broad

Tony "TNT" Tucker-James “Buster” Douglas (HBO)

Tony "TNT" Tucker-Mike Tyson (HBO)

Tracy Spann-Freddie Pendleton I

Trevor Berbick-Carl "The Truth" Williams

Trevor Berbick-James-"Buster" Douglas (CC)

Trevor Berbick-John Tate (CC)

Trevor Berbick-Larry Holmes (HBO, ABC)

Trevor Berbick-Mike Tyson (HBO)

Trevor Berbick-Muhammad Ali (CC)

Trevor Berbick-Pinklon Thomas (HBO)

Trevor Berbick-Renaldo Snipes

Trevor Berbick-ST Gordon

Tyrell Biggs - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Tyrell Biggs-Craig Payne - 1984 U.S. Olympic Trials

Tyrell Biggs-Danny Sutton

Tyrell Biggs-Eddie Richardson

Tyrell Biggs-Francesco Damiani (ITA) - 1984 Olympic gold medal bout

Tyrell Biggs-Francesco Damiani - professional

Tyrell Biggs-James "Quick" Tillis

Tyrell Biggs-Jeff Sims

Tyrell Biggs-Lennox Lewis (CAN) - 1984 Olympics

Tyrell Biggs-Mike Evans (ABC)

Tyrell Biggs-Mike Perkins

Tyrell Biggs-Mike Tyson (HBO)

Tyrell Biggs-Renaldo "Mr." Snipes (HBO)

Tyrell Biggs-Riddick Bowe

Victor Galindez-Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad) (CBS)

Victor Galindez-Jesse Burnett II

Victor Galindez-Marvin Johnson (ABC)

Victor Galindez-Mike Rossman I & II (both ABC)

Victor Galindez-Ray Elson (ABC)

Victor Galindez-Richie Kates I & II

Victor Galindez-Yaqui Lopez II (CBS)

Vinnie Curto-Jeff McCall (ESPN)

Vinny Pazienza-Greg Haugen II

Vinny Pazienza-Greg Haugen III (NBC)

Vinny Pazienza-Lloyd Honeyghan 

Vinny Pazienza-Roger Mayweather

Vinny Pazienza-Roy Jones, Jr.

Virgil Hill (USA) - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Vito Antuofermo-Alan Minter I (ABC & CC) & II (ABC)

Vito Antuofermo-Eugene "Cyclone" Hart

Vito Antuofermo-Hugo Corro (ABC)

Vito Antuofermo-Marvelous Marvin Hagler I (ABC) & II (HBO)

Wilford Scypion-Dwight Davison

Wilford Scypion-Iran Barkley (RARE early Barkley)

Wilford Scypion-James "Hard Rock" Green

Wilford Scypion-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (HBO)

Wilford Scypion-Michael Herron (HBO) (rare 1980 bout on Cooney-Lyle undercard) (broadcast by HBO & available: rds.1 & 4 only, of 4;)

Wilford Scypion-Murray Sutherland

Wilford Scypion-Willie Classen (death fight, mint; broadcast starts in rd. 3)

Wilfred Benitez-Antonio Cervantes (in Spanish, still mint quality)

Wilfred Benitez-Bruce Curry I

Wilfred Benitez-Bruce Curry II

Wilfred Benitez-Carlos Palomino (ABC) (perfect quality in all rounds, unlike most copies elsewhere)

Wilfred Benitez-Carlos Santos (HBO)

Wilfred Benitez-Davey Moore (ABC)

Wilfred Benitez-Harold Weston I

Wilfred Benitez-Matthew Hilton

Wilfred Benitez-Maurice Hope (CBS)

Wilfred Benitez-Maurice Hope (supermint quality, crowd-noise-only version; same CBS cameras/telecast otherwise)

Wilfred Benitez-Mel Dennis (ABC - US Boxing Championships)

Wilfred Benitez-Mustafa Hamsho

Wilfred Benitez-Ray Chavez Guerrero (MSG)

Wilfred Benitez-Roberto Duran (orig. HBO)

Wilfred Benitez-Sugar Ray Leonard (ABC/Cosell call)

Wilfred Benitez-Sugar Ray Leonard (RARE, Supermint quality: crowd noise only, no commentators, lengthy!)

Wilfred Benitez-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (HBO)

Wilfredo Gomez-Alberto Davila (RARE in this MINT quality)

Wilfredo Gomez-Azumah Nelson (COMPLETE, American call) - Ultra-rare

Wilfredo Gomez-Carlos Mendoza (ABC, 5 of 10 rds.- which is all that was broadcast)

Wilfredo Gomez-Carlos Zarate

Wilfredo Gomez-Derrick Holmes (NBC)

Wilfredo Gomez-Eladio Santana (in Spanish)

Wilfredo Gomez-Eddie Ndukwu (ABC)

Wilfredo Gomez-Jose Cervantes

Wilfredo Gomez-Juan "Kid" Meza (ABC) (Very RARE)

Wilfredo Gomez-Juan LaPorte

Wilfredo Gomez-Juan Antonio Lopez I & II (ABC)

Wilfredo Gomez-Julio Hernandez (CBS) (sharper of 2 versions has occasional momentary picture "blackouts")

Wilfredo Gomez-Leo Cruz (very rare 1978 bout)

Wilfredo Gomez-Lupe Pintor (HBO, with call)

Wilfredo Gomez-Mario Salazar (in Spanish)

Wilfredo Gomez-Nelson Cruz Tamirez

Wilfredo Gomez-Raul Silva

Wilfredo Gomez-Raul Tirado

Wilfredo Gomez-Rocky Lockridge (NBC)

Wilfredo Gomez-Ruben Valdez (ABC) (VERY RARE in this MINT quality)

Wilfredo Gomez-Salvador Sanchez (complete bout/live call)

Wilfredo Gomez-Salvador Sanchez (Rare ABC/Cosell highlights) (15 mins.)

Willie Classen-Wilford Scypion (death fight, mint; broadcast starts in rd. 3)

Willie de Wit (all 1984 Olympic bouts)

Willie de Wit-Bert Cooper

Willie de Wit-Henry Tillman (amateur - 1984 Olympic gold medal bout)

Willie de Wit-Pedro Cardenas (Cuba) (amateur) (NABF Championships) - referee is KO'd!!

Willie Pep-Sandy Saddler III - partial

Willie Pep-Sandy Saddler IV - partial

Yaqui Lopez-James Scott

Yaqui Lopez-John Conteh (studio-sourced tape missing round 1)

Yaqui Lopez-Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad) I & II

Yaqui Lopez-Michael Spinks (NBC)

Yaqui Lopez-Mike Rossman

Yaqui Lopez-Victor Galindez II

Yasutsune Uehara-Samuel Serrano I (CC) (broadcast joined in progress by network, starts at rd. 3; perfect-looking)

Yoko Gushiken-Pedro Flores II

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