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Check out our list of our most popular boxing selections, below.  This represents only a small sample of our library, and we have many more bouts than shown for EVERY fighter already listed below, as well.  The LARGEST selection anywhere of MINT QUALITY recordings of fighters such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, Carlos Monzon, Michael and Leon Spinks, Aaron Pryor, Alexis Arguello, Salvador Sanchez, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Victor Galindez, Bob Foster, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, James "Superman" Scott (the fighting convict who rose to #1 world light-heavy contender in the late 1970s while still in prison), Mike Rossman, Dwight Qawi, Michael Dokes, Donald Curry, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, Hector Camacho, Sr., Azumah Nelson, Carlos Palomino, Wilfred Benitez, Wilfredo Gomez, Danny "Little Red" Lopez, and others.  And we have thousands of 1st generation broadcasts of fighters not even listed below, or underrepresented below, such as Pernell Whitaker, Roy Jones Jr., Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., Oscar De La Hoya, Mark Breland, Meldrick Taylor, Howard Davis, Jr., Greg Page, Tony "TNT" Tucker, Mike Weaver, Tim Witherspoon, etc.  You are encouraged to contact Classic Sports Video directly to inquire about your wishlist of broadcasts.  We likely carry everything you are seeking, and can almost always locate an excellent copy of an event elsewhere for you, if necessary. 

For the major sports, such as football, baseball, basketball, etc., please inquire.

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REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE BOXING LIST (all selections below are mint or excellent video quality)

(NONE are 'ESPN Classic,' 'SuperBouts,' 'Versus (VS),' or 'SKY TV' re-broadcast versions!!!  The very few 'Telemundo' re-broadcasts are noted as "in Spanish.")

-- Listed alphabetically by fighter FIRST name; and not always by the winner, so please look up a bout by both fighters' names, if necessary.  Or, Search this page using "Tools" then "Find" and entering the last name of a specific fighter. (Then do the same on the other boxing page!)  Thank you. --

“A Tale of Two Sugar Rays” (CBS, 1983) – re: Leonard, Seales, retinas, their comparative success

Movie: "The Legendary Champions" - MINT, a boxing classic, 1968 (re: the Heavyweight Champs 1882-1929)

Movie: "The Fabulous Four" - about Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran

Movie: "The Floyd Patterson Story" (1962) (60 minutes) - rare this quality

Movie: "Sugar Ray Robinson: Pound for Pound" - a classic

Movie: "Muhammad Ali: Skill, Brains, and Guts" (I have MANY other Ali movies)

Movie: "Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story" (6 parts, 6 hours, American version [in English], SuperMint quality)

TV program: "Muhammad Ali: This Is Your Life" (EXCELLENT British TV show, circa 1978, with numerous guests from Ali's long career, including amateur, plus his childhood)

Aaron Davis-Mark Breland (ABC)

Aaron Pryor-Akio Kameda

Aaron Pryor-Alexis Arguello I (CBS)

Aaron Pryor-Alexis Arguello I (HBO)

Aaron Pryor-Alexis Arguello II (Closed Circuit & ABC)

Aaron Pryor-Antonio Cervantes (CBS)

Aaron Pryor-Bobby Joe Young

Aaron Pryor-DuJuan Johnson (CBS)

Aaron Pryor-Gaetan Hart

Aaron Pryor-Gary Hinton

Aaron Pryor-Hilmer Kenty VI (amateur)

Aaron Pryor-Howard Davis, Jr. (1976 US Olympic Trials, ABC) (joined in progress 45 seconds into round 2, thru round 3 and decision) - Ultra-RARE

Aaron Pryor-Juan Garcia

Aaron Pryor-Lennox Blackmoore (ABC)

Aaron Pryor-Leonidas Asprilla

Aaron Pryor-Miguel Montilla

Aaron Pryor-Nicky Furlano

Aaron Pryor-Sang Hyun Kim

Aaron Pryor-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (amateur; sharp color video)

Aaron Pryor-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (amateur; b&w, "7" of 10 quality)

Al Bolden-Alfred Jones (1968 US Olympic Trials, ABC)

Alan Minter-Angelo Jacopucci  (Jacopucci died of injuries sustained in this fight; the ringside doctor was later found guilty of manslaughter)

Alan Minter-Billy Knight (Sky British call)

Alan Minter-Ernie Singletary

Alan Minter-Jan Magdziarz III  (Sky British call) - Ref DQ's both fighters for lack of action; "No Contest" result

Alan Minter-Kevin Finnegan II (Sky British call)

Alan Minter-Kevin Finnegan III (Sky British call)- Rds. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 (This is Complete as re-broadcast)

Alan Minter-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (ABC)

Alan Minter-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (British call-- LONG pre- and post-fight through both dressing rooms, RARE, Super-mint quality)

Alan Minter-Monty Betham (Sky British call)

Alan Minter-Mustafa Hamsho (both CBS call and British call)

Alan Minter-Ronnie Harris (Sky British call)

Alan Minter-Sugar Ray Seales (Sky British re-broadcast) (improved excellent quality version vs. previous)

Alan Minter-Vito Antuofermo I (ABC & CC) & II (ABC)

Alan Minter-Vito Antuofermo II (British call, very lengthy pre- and post-fight through both dressing rooms)

Alberto Davila-Jorge Lujan

Alberto Davila-Wilfredo Gomez

Alberto "Superfly" Sandoval-Alfonso Zamora  (in Spanish)

Alex Ramos-Dan Snyder (HBO)

Alex Ramos-Michael Nunn  (Rare)

Alex Ramos-Murray Sutherland

Alexis Arguello-Aaron Pryor I (HBO & CBS) & II (CC & ABC)

Alexis Arguello-Alfredo Escalera I (ABC)

Alexis Arguello-Alfredo Escalera II (ABC)

Alexis Arguello-Andy Ganigan (CBS)

Alexis Arguello-Arturo Leon (ABC)

Alexis Arguello-Bazooka Limon (ABC/Cosell call) - (only "7.0"/10 quality)

Alexis Arguello-Bobby Chacon (in Spanish, soft picture)

Alexis Arguello-Billy Costello

Alexis Arguello-Claude Noel

Alexis Arguello-Cornelius Boza-Edwards (RARE Mint ABC version)

Alexis Arguello-Diego Alcala (ABC) (very rare; only "7.5-8" of 10 quality)

Alexis Arguello-Ernesto Marcel (rare; b&w video; only "7.5-8" of 10 quality)

Alexis Arguello-James “Bubba” Busceme (CBS)

Alexis Arguello-Jim Watt

Alexis Arguello-Jose Fernandez (super rare)

Alexis Arguello-Jose Luis Ramirez

Alexis Arguello-Juan “Cocoa” Sanchez

Alexis Arguello-Kevin Rooney (CBS)

Alexis Arguello-Leonel Hernandez (Rare mint studio-sourced color video, in Spanish)

Alexis Arguello-Pat Jefferson

Alexis Arguello-Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini (CBS)

Alexis Arguello-Rey Tam (RARE mint ABC call)

Alexis Arguello-Roberto Elizondo  (CBS)

Alexis Arguello-Rolando Navarrette (rare; 7.5/10 in quality)

Alexis Arguello-Royal Kobayashi

Alexis Arguello-Rubin Castillo (ABC)

Alexis Arguello-Rubin Olivares (CC) (American call)

Alexis Arguello-Salvador Torres (in Spanish) (only 8.0-8.5/10 in quality)

Alexis Arguello-Vilomar Fernandez I (MSG/CC) and II (CBS)

Alfonso Zamora-Alberto "Superfly" Sandoval (in Spanish)

Alfonzo Ratliff-Carlos DeLeon (CC)

Alfonzo Ratliff-Mike Tyson

Alfonzo Ratliff-Pinklon Thomas

Alfredo Escalera-Alexis Arguello I & II (both ABC)

Alfredo Escalera-Buzzsaw Yamabe I and II

Alfredo Escalera-Carlos Becerril (Very RARE ABC/Cosell call; a "7.0-8.0"/10 in quality)

Alfredo Escalera-Gene Hatcher II (CC)

Alfredo Escalera-Julio "Diablito" Valdes (ULTRA-RARE)

Alfredo Escalera-Kuniaki Shibata

Alfredo Escalera-Sigfredo Rodriguez II (Very RARE ABC/Cosell call; a "7.5-8"/10 in quality)

Andrew Maynard-Matthew Saad Muhammad

Angelo Jacopucci-Alan Minter  (Jacopucci died of injuries sustained in this fight; the ringside doctor was later found guilty of manslaughter)

Antonio Esparragoza-Stevie Cruz

Antonio Cervantes-Aaron Pryor (CBS)

Antonio Cervantes-Esteban DeJesus

Antonio Cervantes-Wilfred Benitez (in Spanish, still mint)

Archie Moore-Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) - RARE live call in b&w VIDEO

Archie Moore-Rocky Marciano

Archie Moore-Yvon Durelle I & II

Armando Muniz-Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts (1968 U.S. Olympic Trials)

Armando Muniz-Carlos Palomino I (Spanish call, still excellent quality)

Armando Muniz-Carlos Palomino II (ABC/Howard Cosell call)

Armando Muniz-Sugar Ray Leonard (ABC) ("8.5"/10 in quality, still the best available)

Arturo Frias-Bobby Chacon (in Spanish; quality is an 8.5/10 only)

Arturo Frias-Claude Noel (CBS)

Arturo Frias-Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

Arturo Gatti-Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Arturo Gatti-Ivan Robinson I (HBO) & II (HBO)

Arturo Gatti-Joey Gamache

Arturo Gatti-Mickey Ward I (HBO), II (HBO), & III (HBO)

Arturo Gatti-Wilson Rodriguez (HBO)

Azumah Nelson-Hector Cortez (HBO)

Azumah Nelson-Jeff Fenech I & II

Azumah Nelson-Jesse James Leija I, II, & III

Azumah Nelson-Juan LaPorte

Azumah Nelson-Lupe Suarez (CBS)

Azumah Nelson-Marcos Villasana #1

Azumah Nelson-Pat Cowdell

Azumah Nelson-Salvador Sanchez

Azumah Nelson-Wilfredo Gomez (COMPLETE, American call) - Ultra-rare

Barry McGuigan-Eusabio Pedroza (ABC)

Barry McGuigan-Felipe Orozco

Barry McGuigan-Juan LaPorte

Barry McGuigan-Stevie Cruz

Bazooka Limon-Alexis Arguello (ABC/Cosell call) - (only "7.0"/10 quality)

Bazooka Limon-Bobby Chacon II & IV (ABC)

Bazooka Limon-Chung-Il Choi

Bazooka Limon-Hector "Macho" Camacho (CBS) 

Bazooka Limon-Lionel Rose

Bazooka Limon-Rolando Navarrette (CBS)

Bennie Briscoe-Billy Douglas (Buster's father) (silent film) (RARE)

Bennie Briscoe-Carlos Monzon II

Bennie Briscoe-Eddie Gregory (Eddie Mustafa Muhammad) (color film)

Bennie Briscoe-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (RARE, MINT & Complete with no flaws!) 

Bennie Briscoe-Rodrigo Valdez II (ABC)

Bennie Briscoe-Teddy Mann (PRISM)

Bert Cooper-Carl "The Truth" Williams

Bert Cooper-Evander Holyfield

Bert Cooper-George Foreman

Bert Cooper-Henry Tillman

Bert Cooper-Riddick Bowe

Bert Cooper-Willie De Wit

Billy Backus-Jose Napoles I (silent color film)

Billy Backus-Jose Napoles II (live color video)

Billy Backus-Ray Barrientos

Billy Collins, Jr.-Luis Resto (CBS & CC versions) - infamous glove-tampering incident

Billy Douglas (Buster's father)-Bennie Briscoe (silent film) (RARE)

Billy Walker-Jack Bodell - entertaining fight

Bob Foster-Allen Thomas

Bob Foster-Andy Kendall (ABC)

Bob Foster-Christopher Finnegan (Rare live color video)

Bob Foster-Dick Tiger

Bob Foster-Ernie Terrell (live call, b&w)

Bob Foster-Joe Frazier (ABC)

Bob Foster-Jorge Ahumada (ABC; selected rds.)

Bob Foster-Mike Quarry

Bob Foster-Muhammad Ali (ABC & British CC)

Bob Satterfield-Ezzard Charles (RARE)

Bobby Chacon-Arturo Frias (in Spanish; quality is an 8.5/10 only)

Bobby Chacon-Cornelius Boza-Edwards I (ABC) & II (NBC)

Bobby Chacon-Danny “Little Red” Lopez

Bobby Chacon-Rafael “Bazooka” Limon II & IV (ABC)

Bobby Chacon-Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini (HBO)

Bobby Chacon-Ruben Olivares #1

Bobby Czyz-David Sears

Bobby Czyz-Evander Holyfield

Bobby Czyz-Mustafa Hamsho

Bruce Curry-Luis Resto

Bruce Curry-Monroe Brooks (CBS)

Bruce Curry-Sugar Ray Leonard (1976 US Olympic Trials, ABC)

Bruce Curry-Wilfred Benitez I & II (both CC)

Buddy McGirt-Meldrick Taylor

Buddy McGirt-Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker & II

Buster Drayton-Davey Moore

Buster Drayton-James "The Heat" Kinchen

Buster Drayton-Julian Jackson

Buster Drayton-Matthew Hilton

Buster Mathis-Joe Frazier (pro)

Buster Mathis-Joe Frazier (1964 U.S. Olympic Trials, complete fight)

Buster Mathis-Muhammad Ali (ABC)

Buster Mathis-Muhammad Ali (CC)

"Butterbean" (Eric Esch) KO2 by Mitchell Rose (Rare)

Buzzsaw Yamabe-Esteban DeJesus (RARE U.S. call); an "8"/10 in quality

Calvin Grove-Jeff Fenech

Carl Penalosa-Takeshi Fuji (Paul Fujii)

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Bert Cooper

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Jesse Ferguson (ABC)

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Larry Holmes (NBC)

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Mike Gans

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Mike Tyson

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Mike Weaver

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Terry Mims (early "Truth", 1983)

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Tommy Morrison (HBO)

Carl "The Truth" Williams-Trevor Berbick (PPV)

Carlos DeLeon-Alfonzo Ratliff (CC)

Carlos DeLeon-Evander Holyfield (SHO)

Carlos DeLeon-Leon Spinks (CBS)

Carlos DeLeon-S.T. Gordon I & II

Carlos Monzon-Bennie Briscoe II

Carlos Monzon-Emile Griffith I (ABC)

Carlos Monzon-Emile Griffith II (ABC)

Carlos Monzon-Jean-Claude Bouttier I

Carlos Monzon-Jose Napoles (live color video)

Carlos Monzon-Nino Benvenuti I (ABC; sharp video; only the last couple of rds.; Cosell call)

Carlos Monzon-Nino Benvenuti I (Complete; commentary in Italian)

Carlos Monzon-Nino Benvenuti II (ABC)

Carlos Monzon-Rodrigo Valdez I (ABC)

Carlos Monzon-Rodrigo Valdez II (CBS)

Carlos Monzon-Tony Licata

Carlos Monzon-Tony Mundine

Carlos-Ortiz-Battling Torres

Carlos Ortiz-Sugar Ramos I

Carlos Palomino-Armando Muniz I (Spanish call, still excellent quality)

Carlos Palomino-Armando Muniz II (ABC/Howard Cosell call)

Carlos Palomino-Davey "Boy" Green (British Sky broadcast) - exciting action fight all the way through!

Carlos Palomino-Everaldo Acevedo (CBS)

Carlos Palomino-Hedgemon Lewis (CC)

Carlos Palomino-John H. Stracey (color video, live British call) - classic TKO via knockdowns from repeated hooks to body

Carlos Palomino-Jose Palacios (CBS) (rd. 5-end, which MAY have been ALL of original broadcast; an 8.0/10 in quality)

Carlos Palomino-Mimoun Mohatar (CBS)

Carlos Palomino-Roberto Duran (HBO)

Carlos Palomino-Ryu Sorimachi (CBS)

Carlos Palomino-Wilfred Benitez (ABC) (perfect quality in all rounds, unlike most copies elsewhere)

Carlos Ramos-Chris Linson (ESPN, 10/80)

Carlos Santos-Mark Medal (MSG) (RARE U.S. call)

Carlos Zarate-Alfonso Zamora (American call)

Carlos Zarate-Danilo Batista (in Spanish, with original American call also audible)

Carlos Zarate-John Mensah Kpalongo

Carlos Zarate-Lupe Pintor (ABC)

Carlos Zarate-Wilfredo Gomez

Caveman Lee-Jerry Holly (VERY rare) -1981

Caveman Lee-John LoCicero (all-time great fight & KO) - 1981

Caveman Lee-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (ABC) - 1982

Charles Mooney (USA)-Cloul Soon Hwang - 1976 Olympics (ABC)

Charles Mooney (USA)-Victor Rybakov - 1976 Olympics (ABC)

Chris Byrd-Ike Ibeabuchi (brutal KO of Byrd)

Chris Linson-Carlos Ramos (ESPN, October 1980)

Cleveland Williams-Charles "Sonny" Liston I & II

Cleveland Williams-Muhammad Ali (ABC) (b&w video)

Cleveland Williams-Muhammad Ali (LIVE call; Closed-Circuit with Don Dunphy, Jim Brown) (b&w film)

Cleveland Williams-Tod Herring (b&w video)

Colin Jones-Donald Curry  (2 versions: US [ABC] and British calls)

Colin Jones-Milton McCrory  I (ABC) and II (ABC) 

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Alexis Arguello (RARE Mint ABC version)

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Bobby Chacon I (ABC) & II (NBC)

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Charlie Brown

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Gary Gamble

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Guy Villegas

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-John Montes

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Rocky Lockridge (Rare Closed Circuit)

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Rolando Navarette

Cornelius Boza-Edwards-Terrence Alli

Corrie Sanders-Matthew Brooks

Curtis Parker-John "The Beast" Mugabi (NBC)

Curtis Parker-Willie "The Worm" Monroe (VERY RARE)

Craig Bodzianowski-Rick Enis (Craig was good fighter; had prosthetic leg) 

"Cyclone" (Eugene) Hart-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (an "8.5"/10 in quality)

"Cyclone" (Eugene) Hart-Vito Antuofermo

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Bobby Chacon

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-David "Poison" Kotey II

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Jose Caba (CBS)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Jose DePaula (NBC)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Jose Torres (CBS)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Juan Malvarez (ABC)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Mike Ayala (CBS)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Roberto Castanon (ABC)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Rubin Olivares (Spanish call, still supermint quality)

Danny “Little Red” Lopez-Salvador Sanchez I & II

Davey Armstrong (USA)-Timor Balari (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Davey Hilton-Dennis Horne (CC)

Davey Moore-Ayub Kalule (slightly grainy, a "7.5-8"/10 in quality)

Davey Moore-Buster Drayton

Davey Moore-Charlie Weir (NBC)

Davey Moore-Felix Nance (HBO)

Davey Moore-Gary Guiden

Davey Moore-Lupe Aquino

Davey Moore-Roberto Duran (CBS & CC)

Davey Moore-Tadashi Mihara (NBC vers. and crowd-noise-only vers.)

Davey Moore-Tony Suero (HBO)

Davey Moore-Victor Claudio

Davey Moore-Wilfred Benitez (ABC)

Dick Tiger-Bob Foster

Dick Tiger-Gene Fullmer II

Diego Corrales-Jose Luis Castillo I (SHO)

Diego Corrales-Jose Luis Castillo II (SHO)

Don Lee-Tony Sibson (NBC) (KO upset)

Donald Curry-Adolfo Viruet

Donald Curry-Bruce Finch

Donald Curry-Carlos Santos

Donald Curry-Colin Jones (2 versions: US [ABC] and British calls)

Donald Curry-Eduardo Rodriguez

Donald Curry-Elio Diaz

Donald Curry-Gianfranco Rosi

Donald Curry-Jake Torrence

Donald Curry-James "Hard Rock" Green (ABC)

Donald Curry-Jun-Sok Hwang (ESPN)

Donald Curry-Lloyd Honeyghan

Donald Curry-Lupe Aquino

Donald Curry-Marlon Starling I (CBS)

Donald Curry-Marlon Starling II (ABC)

Donald Curry-Michael Nunn

Donald Curry-Mike McCallum (HBO)

Donald Curry-Mike Senegal

Donald Curry-Milton McCrory (HBO)

Donald Curry-Nino LaRocca

Donald Curry-Rene Jacquot

Donald Curry-Roger Stafford

Donald Curry-Tony Montgomery

Donald Curry-"Terrible" Terry Norris

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-Greg Page (original Pay-per-View)

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-James "Bonecrusher" Smith (CBS)

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-Kimmuel Odum (CBS)

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-Lennox Lewis

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-Michael “Dynamite” Dokes

Donovan “Razor” Ruddock-Mike Tyson I (PPV) & II (PPV)

Donovan "Razor" Ruddock-Tommy "The Duke" Morrison (original Pay-per-View) - Exciting fight!!

Doug DeWitt-James "Lights Out" Toney

Doug DeWitt-Matthew Hilton

Doug DeWitt-Milton McCrory

Doug DeWitt-Nigel Benn

Doug DeWitt-Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns

Duane Bobick-Chuck Wepner

Duane Bobick-John Tate (ABC)

Duane Bobick-Kallie Knoetze

Duane Bobick-Larry Holmes (1972 US Olympic Trials) (ABC)

Duane Bobick-Ken Norton (NBC)

Dwight Davison-Wilford Scypion

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Eddie Davis

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Evander Holyfield I (ABC) & II (SHO)

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-George Foreman

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-James Salerno (USA)

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-James Scott (NBC)

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Jerry Martin

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Johnny Davis II & III

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Leon Spinks

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Matthew Saad Muhammad I & II

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Michael Greer (USA Channel)

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Michael Spinks (HBO)

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Mike Rossman

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Nate Miller

Dwight Muhammad Qawi (Dwight Braxton)-Piet Crous (NEW MINT version, perfect quality!  RARE.)

Earnie Shavers-Art Card

Earnie Shavers-Bernardo Mercado (ABC & crowd-noise-only versions)

Earnie Shavers-Brian Yates

Earnie Shavers-Henry Clark I

Earnie Shavers-Henry Clark II (CC)

Earnie Shavers-Howard Smith (CBS)

Earnie Shavers-James "Quick" Tillis (CC)

Earnie Shavers-Jeff Sims (CC)

Earnie Shavers-Jerry Quarry (CC)

Earnie Shavers-Ken Norton (ABC)

Earnie Shavers-Larry Holmes I & II (both ABC)

Earnie Shavers-Muhammad Ali (NBC & British CC)

Earnie Shavers-Randall "Tex" Cobb (CC)

Earnie Shavers-Ron Lyle (silent color film, mint)

Earnie Shavers-Roy "Tiger" Williams

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Bennie Briscoe (color film)

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-James Scott

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Jesse Burnett (CBS)

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Lee Royster

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Mario Rosa (HBO)

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Marvin Johnson (ABC)

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Matt Franklin (Saad Muhammad) (first 4 of 8 rds.) (Gregory-Franklin is a "7.5-8"/10 in quality, still the BEST quality available)

Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad)-Victor Galindez (CBS)

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Elvis Parks

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Jerry Celestine (ESPN)

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Jerry Martin

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Lotte Mwale (ESPN)

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Michael Spinks (ABC)

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Oscar Holman

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Renaldo "Mr." Snipes

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Ricky Parkey

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Rudi Koopmans

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Slobodan Kacar

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-Tyrone Booze (MSG)

Eduardo Dominguez-Steve Hearon (NBC)

Edwin Rosario-Edwin Viruet

Edwin Rosario-Frankie Randall I (NBC)

Edwin Rosario-Frankie Randall II (untelevised Showtime undercard bout)

Edwin Rosario-Hector "Macho" Camacho

Edwin Rosario-Howard Davis, Jr.

Edwin Rosario-J.L. Ramirez II (NBC)

Edwin Rosario-Julio Cesar Chavez (HBO)

Edwin Rosario-Livingstone Bramble (HBO)

Edwin Rosario-Roque Montoya (on HBA card with Mike Tyson-Mark Young)

Emile Griffith-Benny "Kid" Paret III (death fight; mint)

Emile Griffith-Carlos Monzon I & II (both ABC)

Eric "Butterbean" Esch KO2 by Mitchell Rose (Rare)

Ernesto Espana-Hilmer Kenty I (ABC) and II

Ernesto Espana-Johnny Lira (ABC)

Ernie Terrell-Bob Foster (live call, b&w)

Ernie Terrell-Doug Jones (live call, b&w video)

Ernie Terrell-Eddie Machen (Heavyweight title fight, live call)

Ernie Terrell-Muhammad Ali (ABC) (review w/Cosell in studio; 8 of 15 rds., VIDEO)

Ernie Terrell-Muhammad Ali (ABC) (b&w mint VIDEO version, complete 15 rds., Cosell live call)

Ernie Terrell-Muhammad Ali (Big Fights color film highlights; several rounds)

Ernie Terrell-Thad Spencer (ABC) (mint b&w video)

Esteban DeJesus-Antonio Cervantes

Esteban DeJesus-Buzzsaw Yamabe (RARE U.S. call); a "7.5"/10 in quality

Esteban DeJesus-Edwin Viruet (ULTRA-RARE)

Esteban DeJesus-Roberto Duran I (Don Dunphy call)

Esteban DeJesus-Roberto Duran II (RARE ABC/Howard Cosell call)

Esteban DeJesus-Roberto Duran II (ABC/Howard Cosell call via ESPN Classic)

Esteban DeJesus-Roberto Duran III (rare CBS call [Ryan, Clancy, Dundee], "7.5"/10 quality)

Esteban DeJesus-Roberto Duran III (Spanish call, colorful picture, excellent; not mint)

Esteban DeJesus-Valentin Ramos

Eugene "Cyclone" Hart-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (an "8.5"/10 in quality)

Eugene "Cyclone" Hart-Vito Antuofermo

Eusabio Pedroza-Barry McGuigan (ABC)

Eusabio Pedroza-Jorge Lujan

Eusabio Pedroza-Patrick Ford (ABC)

Eusebio Pedroza-Rocky Lockridge I (CBS)

Evander Holyfield - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Evander Holyfield-Adilson-Rodrigues (SHO)

Evander Holyfield-Alex Stewart I

Evander Holyfield-Bert Cooper

Evander Holyfield-Bobby Czyz

Evander Holyfield-Carlos DeLeon (SHO)

Evander Holyfield-Chisanda Mutti

Evander Holyfield-Chris Byrd

Evander Holyfield-Dwight Qawi I (ABC)

Evander Holyfield-Dwight Qawi II (SHO)

Evander Holyfield-Fred Brown

Evander Holyfield-George Foreman (live PPV & HBO)

Evander Holyfield-Henry Tillman

Evander Holyfield-James “Buster” Douglas (PPV)

Evander Holyfield-James “Quick” Tillis (SHO)

Evander Holyfield-James Toney

Evander Holyfield-Jeremy Bates

Evander Holyfield-Jesse Shelby

Evander Holyfield-Kevin Barry (1984 Olympics, famous DQ) (ABC) (from rd. 2, as was broadcast by ABC)

Evander Holyfield-Kevin Barry (1984 Olympics, famous DQ) (ESPN) (COMPLETE! - VERY rare)

Evander Holyfield-Larry Holmes

Evander Holyfield-Lennox Lewis I

Evander Holyfield-Lennox Lewis II

Evander Holyfield-Lionel Byarm

Evander Holyfield-Mark Rivera

Evander Holyfield-Michael Brothers

Evander Holyfield-Michael “Dynamite” Dokes

Evander Holyfield-Michael Moorer I

Evander Holyfield-Michael Moorer II

Evander Holyfield-Mike Tyson I (PPV)

Evander Holyfield-Mike Tyson II (PPV)

Evander Holyfield-Ossie Ocasio (SHO) (Rare in this excellent quality)

Evander Holyfield-Pinklon Thomas (SHO)

Evander Holyfield-Ray Mercer (USA re-broadcast)

Evander Holyfield-Rick Myers

Evander Holyfield-Rickey Parkey

Evander Holyfield-Riddick Bowe I

Evander Holyfield-Riddick Bowe II

Evander Holyfield-Riddick Bowe III

Evander Holyfield-Seamus McDonagh

Evander Holyfield-Terry Mims

Evander Holyfield-Tyrone Booze (rd. 3 only [of 6 altogether], as rd. 3 was the only round that was telecast)

Ezzard Charles-Bob Satterfield (RARE)

Ezzard Charles-Coley Wallace

Ezzard Charles-Harold Johnson

Ezzard Charles-Joe Louis (live call, COMPLETE! / RARE like this!)

Ezzard Charles-Pat Valentino

Ezzard Charles-Rocky Marciano I & II

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Fernando Vargas

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Hector "Macho" Camacho

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Larry Barnes

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Luis Garcia

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Maurice Blocker

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Oba Carr

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Oscar de La Hoya

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker

Felix "Tito" Trinidad-Roy Jones, Jr.

Floyd Mayweather, Sr.-Jose "The Threat" Baret (ESPN)

Floyd Mayweather, Sr.-Marlon Starling II (a "7.5"/10 in quality, but VERY rare)

Floyd Mayweather, Sr.-Sugar Ray Leonard (ABC)

Floyd Patterson - movie: "The Floyd Patterson Story" (1962) (60 minutes) - rare this quality

Floyd Patterson-Archie Moore (ONLY COMPLETE VERSION, silent, still mint quality)

Floyd Patterson-Brian London (has British Superbouts onscreen graphics) 

Floyd Patterson-Charles "Sonny" Liston I 

Floyd Patterson-Charles "Sonny" Liston II (b&w sharp film)

Floyd Patterson-Charles "Sonny" Liston II (live call, b&w sharp VIDEO, with ESPN logo, long-- RARE)

Floyd Patterson-Charlie “Devil” Green

Floyd Patterson-George Chuvalo

Floyd Patterson-Ingemar Johansson I, II, & III

Floyd Patterson-Jerry Quarry I

Floyd Patterson-Jerry Quarry II

Floyd Patterson-Jimmy Ellis (ABC)

"The Floyd Patterson Story" movie (1962) (60 minutes) - rare this quality

Floyd Patterson-Muhammad Ali I (live CC and ABC) & II (CC and ABC)

Floyd Patterson-Oscar Bonavena (live color video, RARE)

Floyd Patterson-Pete Rademacher

Floyd Patterson-Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson II

Frank Bruno-Gerrie Coetzee

Frank Bruno-James "Bonecrusher" Smith (NBC)

Frank Bruno-Lennox Lewis

Frank Bruno-Mike Tyson I & II

Frank Bruno-"Terrible" Tim Witherspoon

Frank DePaula-Freddie Williams #2

Frank "The Animal" Fletcher-Ernie Singletary

Frank "The Animal" Fletcher-James "Hard Rock" Green (NBC)

Frank "The Animal" Fletcher-Juan Domingo Roldan (CC and CBS versions)

Frank Tate - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts

Frank Tate-Michael Nunn 

Frank Tate-Michael Olajide (NBC)

Frankie Liles-Tim Littles #2 (Showtime)

Frankie Randall-Aldemar Mosquera (ESPN)

Frankie Randall-Edwin Rosario I (NBC) & II (SHO untelevised undercard)

Frankie Randall-Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. I & II

Frankie Randall-Primo Ramos

Frankie Randall-Sammy Fuentes (ESPN)

Frankie Randall-Shelton LeBlanc (ESPN)

Fred Hutchings-Kirkland Laing (NBC) (HL only) - vicious KO

Fred Hutchings-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns (NBC)

Freddie Pendleton-Darryl Tyson

Freddie Pendleton-Tony Lopez

Freddie Pendleton-Tracy Spann I

Gaby Canizales-Richard Sandoval

Gene Fullmer-Dick Tiger II

Gene Fullmer-Sugar Ray Robinson I, II, III, IV

George Benton-Johnny Smith

George Benton-Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

George Foreman-Adilson Rodrigues (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

George Foreman-Albert Wilson (1968 US Olympic Trials) (ABC)

George Foreman-Alex Stewart (HBO)

George Foreman-Alonzo Johnson (part of Toronto exhib vs. 5 opponents) (ABC)

George Foreman-Axel Schulz

George Foreman-Bert Cooper

George Foreman-Bob "Kid" Hazelton

George Foreman-Bobby Crabtree

George Foreman-Bobby Hitz

George Foreman-Boone Kirkman (1970, pro bout, not exhib.)

George Foreman-Boone Kirkman (part of Toronto exhib vs. 5 opponents) (ABC)

George Foreman-Carlos Hernandez

George Foreman-Charlie Polite (part of Toronto exhib vs. 5 opponents) (ABC)

George Foreman-Dwight Qawi

George Foreman-Evander Holyfield (live PPV & HBO)

George Foreman-Everett "Big Foot" Martin

George Foreman-Frank "Gator" Lux (alias Frank Williams) - vicious KO! - Has fighter intros through 3rd/final round, except no rd. 1, as per studio master recording - RARE

George Foreman-George Chuvalo

George Foreman-Gerry Cooney

George Foreman-Giorgio Bambini (1968 Olympics)

George Foreman-Gregorio Peralta #1

George Foreman-Guido Trane

George Foreman-Iones Chepulous (1968 Olympics) (ABC)

George Foreman-J.B. Williamson

George Foreman-Jerry Judge (part of Toronto exhib vs. 5 opponents) (ABC)

George Foreman-Jimmy Ellis

George Foreman-Jimmy Young (ABC)

George Foreman-Joe Frazier I (ABC)

George Foreman-Joe Frazier I (ABC) (longest version available!)

George Foreman-Joe Frazier I (CC)

George Foreman-Joe Frazier II (ABC)

George Foreman-John “Dino” Denis (CBS)

George Foreman-Jose "King" Roman (ABC) (Ultra-rare color VIDEO)

George Foreman-Ken Lakusta

George Foreman-Lou Savarese

George Foreman-Luis Pires

George Foreman-Ken Norton (ABC)

George Foreman-Ken Norton (CC)

George Foreman-Michael Moorer (HBO; also have crowd-noise-only version)

George Foreman-Muhammad Ali (CC & ABC)

George Foreman-Pedro Agusto

George Foreman-Pierre Coetzer

George Foreman-Rocky Sekorski

George Foreman-Ron Lyle (ABC)

George Foreman-Scott LeDoux (CBS)

George Foreman-Shannon Briggs

George Foreman-Steve Zouski

George Foreman-Terry Daniels (part of Toronto exhib vs. 5 opponents) (ABC)

George Foreman-Ted Gullick (CC)

George Foreman-Toronto exhibition 1975 (5 opponents in one night; all 5 bouts) (ABC)

George Foreman-Tommy Morrison (HBO re-broadcast)

Gerald McClellan-Jay Bell

Gerald McClellan-John “The Beast” Mugabi

Gerald McClellan-Julian Jackson I & II

Gerald McClellan-Nigel Benn

Gerrie Coetzee-Frank Bruno

Gerrie Coetzee-George Chaplin (CBS) - RARE

Gerrie Coetzee-Greg Page (NEW MINT version, perfect quality!  RARE.)

Gerrie Coetzee-John Tate (NBC)

Gerrie Coetzee-Kallie Knoetze (VERY RARE, esp. mint-quality color video like this)

Gerrie Coetzee-Leon Spinks

Gerrie Coetzee-Michael “Dynamite” Dokes  (3 versions: orig. HBO [complete broadcast], also HBO STUDIO-sourced version with the complete fight and some pre-and-post fight but is not the entire broadcast, & ABC re-broadcast [ABC broadcasted most but not all rds.])

Gerrie Coetzee-Mike Koranicki (CBS)

Gerrie Coetzee-Mike Weaver (CBS)

Gerrie Coetzee-Pinklon Thomas

Gerrie Coetzee-Randy Stephens

Gerrie Coetzee-Renaldo "Mr." Snipes

Gerrie Coetzee-Scott LeDoux (very RARE)

Gerrie Coetzee-Stan Ward

Gerry Cooney-Earl Tripp (amateur)

Gerry Cooney-Eddie Gregg (ABC)

Gerry Cooney-George Chaplin

Gerry Cooney-George Foreman (CC)

Gerry Cooney-Jimmy Young (CBS) (new studio copy, very complete, with between rds @ ringside instead of commercials)

Gerry Cooney-Ken Norton (HBO)

Gerry Cooney-Larry Holmes (orig. live CC [Cosell call], HBO, & super-mint-quality British call)

Gerry Cooney-Leroy Boone

Gerry Cooney-Phil Brown

Gerry Cooney-Michael Spinks (ABC)

Gerry Cooney-Michael Spinks (PPV/CC)

Gerry Cooney-Ron Lyle (HBO)

Gordon Racette-Leroy Diggs (ESPN)

Graylon Curry-Jim van Zandt

Greg Coverson-Howard Davis, Jr.

Greg Haugen-Jimmy Paul

Greg Haugen-Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker

Greg Haugen-Vinny Pazienza II

Greg Haugen-Vinny Pazienza III (NBC)

Greg Page-David Bey (HBO)

Greg Page-Don Martin (Page's 1st pro fight)

Greg Page-Donovan "Razor" Ruddock  (original Pay-per-View)

Greg Page-Gerrie Coetzee (NEW MINT version, perfect quality!  RARE.)

Greg Page-Ira Martin (HBO)

Greg Page-James "Bonecusher" Smith

Greg Page-James "Buster" Douglas (starts in corners before round 2)

Greg Page-James "Quick" Tillis

Greg Page-Jimmy Young

Greg Page-Larry Frazier (ABC)

Greg Page-Marty Monroe

Greg Page-Renaldo "Mr." Snipes

Greg Page-Rick Kellar (ESPN)

Greg Page-Scott LeDoux

Greg Page-Tim Witherspoon

Greg Page-Tony Tubbs

Guts Ishimatsu Suzuki-Roberto Duran

Guts Ishimatsu Suzuki-Saensak Muangsurin

Harry Arroyo-Jimmy Paul

Harry Arroyo-Terrence Alli (CBS) - great fight from rd. 1 through the last round

Hector Lopez-David Santos

Hector Lopez-Kostya Tszyu

Hector Lopez (Mexico)-Mauricio Stecca (Italy) - 1984 Olympic gold medal bout

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Bazooka Limon (CBS)

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Cornelius Boza-Edwards

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Craig Houk I

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Edwin Rosario (HBO)

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Felix "Tito" Trinidad

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Gary Kirkland

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Greg Coverson

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Greg Haugen I & II

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Homer Gibbons

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Howard Davis, Jr.

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-John Montes, Jr.

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Johnny Sato

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Jose Luis Ramirez

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr.

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Louis Burke (CBS)

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Louis Loy

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Melvin Paul

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Oscar De La Hoya

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Pat Lawlor

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Rafael Solis

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Roberto Duran I (USA re-broadcast--with LIVE fight call of PPV announcers)

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Roque Montoya

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Sugar Ray Leonard (orig. PPV & USA)

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Tony Baltazar

Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.-Vinny Pazienza

Henry Tillman - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts

Henry Tillman-Bash Ali

Henry Tillman-Bert Cooper

Henry Tillman-Evander Holyfield

Henry Tillman-Mike Tyson I and II (both amateur - 1984 U.S. Olympic Trials)

Henry Tillman-Mike Tyson (pro)

Henry Tillman-Reggie Gross

Henry Tillman-Willie de Wit (amateur - 1984 Olympic gold medal bout)

Hilmer Kenty-Aaron Pryor VI (amateur)

Hilmer Kenty-Daniel Cardona

Hilmer Kenty-Ernesto Espana I (ABC) and II

Hilmer Kenty-Roberto Elizondo (CBS)

Hilmer Kenty-Sean O'Grady (orig. ABC)

Hilmer Kenty-Young-Ho Oh (CC)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Aaron Pryor (1976 US Olympic Trials, ABC) (joined in progress 45 seconds into round 2, thru round 3 and decision) - Ultra-RARE

Howard Davis, Jr.-Claude Noel (HBO)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Connie Swift

Howard Davis, Jr.-Edwin Rosario (ABC)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Greg Coverson

Howard Davis, Jr.-Hector "Macho" Camacho, Sr.

Howard Davis, Jr.-Jim Watt (ABC)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Larry Stanton (very rare; 8.5/10 in quality)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Leonidas Asprilla (1976 Olympics)

Howard Davis, Jr.-Meldrick Taylor

Howard Davis, Jr.-Norman Goins (rare 1978 bout, 8.5/10 quality; great fight w/3 knockdowns)

Howard Davis, Jr. - ALL of his 1976 Olympic fights (ABC)

Ike Ibeabuchi-Chris Byrd (brutal KO of Byrd)

Ike Quartey-Fernando Vargas

Ike Quartey-Oba Carr (HBO)

Ike Quartey-Oscar De La Hoya (HBO)

Ike Quartey-Ralph "Tiger" Jones (HBO)

Ike Quartey-Vince Phillips

Ike Williams-Enrique Bolanos II

Iran Barkley-Eddie Hall

Iran Barkley-Michael Olajide

Iran Barkley-Mike Tinley (MSG)

Iran Barkley-Nigel Benn

Iran Barkley-Roberto Duran

Iran Barkley-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns I & II

Iran Barkley-Wilford Scypion (Rare early Barkley; MSG bout)

Ishimatsu "Guts" Suzuki-Roberto Duran

Ishimatsu "Guts" Suzuki-Saensak Muangsurin

Jack Bodell-Billy Walker - entertaining fight

Jack Dempsey-Bill Brennan

Jack Dempsey-Georges Carpentier

Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney I & II

Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard

Jack Dempsey-Luis Angel Firpo

Jack Dempsey-Tommy Gibbons

Jack Johnson KO26 by Jess Willard  (silent)

Jackie Beard-Paul DeVorce (ESPN)

Jaime Garza-Bobby Berna (Rare, 1983; Garza wins WBC Super-Bantam Title)

Jake LaMotta-Norman Hayes

Jake LaMotta-Sugar Ray Robinson VI (The "St. Valentine's Day Massacre")

James J. Braddock-Joe Louis (Louis wins heavyweight title)

James J. Braddock-Max Baer (Braddock's "Cinderella Man" winning title bid)

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Donovan "Razor" Ruddock (CBS)

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Frank Bruno (NBC)

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Greg Page

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Larry Holmes I & II

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Leroy Boone

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Marvis Frazier

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Mike Weaver I

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Mike Tyson

James "Bonecrusher" Smith-Tim Witherspoon I & II (both HBO)

James "Buddy" McGirt-Meldrick Taylor

James "Buddy" McGirt-Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker & II

James “Buster” Douglas-Dave "Big Foot" Johnson (rare 1983 early-career bout for Buster) 

James “Buster” Douglas-Dion Simpson

James “Buster” Douglas-Evander Holyfield (PPV)

James “Buster” Douglas-Greg Page (starts in corners before round 2)

James “Buster” Douglas-Henry Porter (ESPN)

James “Buster” Douglas-Jerry “Wimpy” Halstead

James “Buster” Douglas-Jesse Ferguson

James “Buster” Douglas-Louis Monaco

James “Buster” Douglas-Mike Tyson (HBO live original & HBO rebroadcast)

James “Buster” Douglas-Mike Williams (PPV)

James “Buster” Douglas-Oliver McCall (HBO)

James “Buster” Douglas-Quinn Navarre

James “Buster” Douglas-Tony LaRosa (USA)

James “Buster” Douglas-Tony "TNT" Tucker (HBO)

James “Buster” Douglas-Trevor Berbick (CC) (VERY Rare)

James “Buster” Douglas-Warren Williams (VERY Rare)

James "Hard Rock" Green-Donald Curry (ABC)

James "Hard Rock" Green-Frank "The Animal" Fletcher (NBC)

James "Hard Rock" Green-Wilford Scypion

James "The Heat" Kinchen-Buster Drayton

James "The Heat" Kinchen-James "Black Gold" Shuler

James "The Heat" Kinchen-Juan Domingo Roldan

James "The Heat" Kinchen-Murray Sutherland

James "The Heat" Kinchen-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

James Scott-Bunny Johnson (NBC) - Scott shines on network TV

James Scott-Dwight Braxton (Qawi) (NBC) - another ex-con from Rahway (and future world champ), with even more talent, decisions Scott in tough fight at Rahway State Prison

James Scott-Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad) (HBO) - Scott outworks highly-skilled future champ a year-and-a-half before Gregory wins world title

James Scott-Jerry Martin (NBC) - Scott shockingly dropped twice in loss to hard-punching, fast-rising top-contender

James Scott-Lee Royster II

James Scott-Ritchie Kates II

James Scott-Yaqui Lopez - Scott beats perennial top contender with relative ease

James "Black Gold" Shuler-James "The Heat" Kinchen

James "Black Gold" Shuler-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

James "Black Gold" Shuler-Vincent Evans

James Toney-Anthony Hembrick #1 (ESPN)

James Toney-Anthony Hembrick #2

James Toney-Dave Tiberi

James Toney-Doug DeWitt (HBO)

James Toney-Evander Holyfield

James Toney-Francesco Dell'Aquila

James Toney-Freddie Delgado

James Toney-Glenn Thomas

James Toney-Glenn Wolfe (HBO)

James Toney-Govoner Chavers

James Toney-Greg Everett

James Toney-Iran Barkley

James Toney-Michael Nunn (PPV)

James Toney-Mike McCallum I (PPV)

James Toney-Mike McCallum II (HBO)

James Toney-Ricky Thomas

James Toney-Roy Jones, Jr. (PPV)

Jean-Marie Emebe-Marvin Johnson (VERY RARE in top quality like this)

Jeff Chandler-Andres Hernandez

Jeff Chandler-Davey Vasquez

Jeff Chandler-Oscar Muniz & II

Jeff Chandler-Sergio Reyes

Jeff Fenech-Azumah Nelson I (PPV) & II (SHO)

Jeff Fenech-Calvin Grove

Jeff Shelburg-Marvin Stinson (ESPN) (extremely RARE)

Jeff Shelburg-Randall "Tex" Cobb (PRISM) 

Jerry Martin-Jesse Burnett (PRISM) 

Jerry Page (USA) - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Jerry Quarry-Earnie Shavers, color  video

Jerry Quarry-Floyd Patterson I (NBC) and II (ABC) (both b&w, live call)

Jerry Quarry-Floyd Patterson II (ABC, color video, new)

Jerry Quarry-Jimmy Ellis (ABC) - color video

Jerry Quarry-Joe Frazier I (ABC) and II (CC)

Jerry Quarry-Ken Norton (crowd noise only; still mint quality)

Jerry Quarry-Ken Norton (with call by MSG commentators; also mint quality)

Jerry Quarry-Lorenzo Zanon

Jerry Quarry-Mac Foster, color video

Jerry Quarry-Muhammad Ali I (CC) & II (CC, ABC)

Jerry Quarry-Ron Lyle, color video

Jerry Quarry-Thad Spencer (ABC, color video)

Jersey Joe Walcott-Joe Louis I & II

Jersey Joe Walcott-Rocky Marciano I & II

Jess Willard KO26 Jack Johnson (silent)

Jesse Burnett-Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad) (CBS)

Jesse Burnett-Jerry Martin (PRISM)

Jesse Burnett-Leon Spinks (CBS)

Jesse Burnett-Lonnie Bennett

Jim Braddock-Joe Louis (Louis wins heavyweight title)

Jim Braddock-Max Baer (Braddock's "Cinderella Man" title victory)

Jim Watt-Howard Davis, Jr. (ABC)

Jimmy Ellis-Floyd Patterson (ABC)

Jimmy Ellis-Jerry Quarry

Jimmy Ellis-Joe Frazier I and II

Jimmy Ellis-Muhammad Ali (RARE ABC and CC)

Jimmy Ellis-Oscar Bonavena (ABC/Cosell live call) (b&w film, only a "7"/10 quality)

Jimmy Ellis-Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Jimmy McCloud-Marco Barahona (HBO, 1974)

Jimmy Wallington RSC3 Andre Reed (1968 US Olympic Trials) - Round 3 (of 3) Only

Jimmy Young-George Foreman (ABC)

Jimmy Young-Gerry Cooney (CBS) (new studio copy, very complete, with between rds @ ringside instead of commercials)

Jimmy Young-Greg Page

Jimmy Young-Jody Ballard (NBC)

Jimmy Young-Ken Norton

Jimmy Young-Marvin Stinson 

Jimmy Young-Michael "Dynamite" Dokes

Jimmy Young-Muhammad Ali (ABC) (with Cosell speaking to producers between rounds)

Jimmy Young-Muhammad Ali (ABC) (with commercials between rounds)

Jimmy Young-Ossie Ocasio I (ABC)

Jimmy Young-Ossie Ocasio II (ABC)

Jimmy Young-Ron Lyle II (11 of 12 rds, only a "7.5"/10 in quality)

Joe Bugner-Joe Frazier (CBS)

Joe Bugner-Marvis Frazier (CBS)

Joe Bugner-Muhammad Ali I (ABC/Cosell call- 9 of 12 rds.; and rare ALL 12 rds version - crowd noise only)

Joe Bugner-Muhammad Ali II (CC)

Joe Bugner-Ron Lyle (CBS)

Joe Frazier-Billy Daniels (silent color film; sharp)

Joe Frazier-Bob Foster (ABC)

Joe Frazier-Buster Mathis (pro)

Joe Frazier-Buster Mathis (1964 U.S. Olympic Trials- Complete fight, b&w videoULTRA-RARE)

Joe Frazier-Dave Zyglewicz

Joe Frazier-Dick Wipperman (silent color film; sharp)

Joe Frazier-Doug Jones (silent color film; sharp)

Joe Frazier-Eddie Machen (silent color film; sharp)

Joe Frazier-Floyd "Jumbo" Cummings

Joe Frazier-George Chuvalo (silent color film; sharp)

Joe Frazier-George Foreman I (ABC and CC) and II (ABC)

Joe Frazier-George Foreman I (ABC) (longest version available!)

Joe Frazier-Jerry Quarry I (ABC)

Joe Frazier-Jerry Quarry II (CC)

Joe Frazier-Jimmy Ellis I (ABC)

Joe Frazier-Jimmy Ellis II

Joe Frazier-Joe Bugner (CBS)

Joe Frazier-Jumbo Cummings

Joe Frazier-Manuel Ramos (CC) (live color video)

Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali I (CC), II (CC and ABC), and III (CC and ABC)

Joe Frazier-Oscar Bonavena #1 (b&w)

Joe Frazier-Oscar Bonavena #2 (Complete, silent color film, 50 mins.)

Joe Frazier-Ron Stander

Joe Frazier-Ron Stander (LONG version, with much more post-fight and some more pre-fight)

Joe Frazier-Terry Daniels

Joe Frazier-Ygnov (USSR) 1964 Olympics (last rd. only)

"Joe Louis, Heavyweight" - RARE 1988 documentary

Joe Louis-Abe Simon II

Joe Louis-Al Ettore

Joe Louis-Al McCoy

Joe Louis-Arturo Godoy I and II

Joe Louis-Billy Conn I

Joe Louis-Billy Conn II

Joe Louis-Bob Pastor II

Joe Louis-Buddy Baer I & II

Joe Louis-Ezzard Charles (live call, COMPLETE! / RARE like this!)

Joe Louis-Jack Roper

Joe Louis-Jack Sharkey

Joe Louis-James J. Braddock (Louis wins heavyweight title)

Joe Louis-Jersey Joe Walcott I

Joe Louis-Jersey Joe Walcott II

Joe Louis-Johnny Paycheck

Joe Louis-John Henry Louis

Joe Louis-King Levinsky

Joe Louis-Lee Savold

Joe Louis-Lou Nova

Joe Louis-Max Baer

Joe Louis-Max Schmeling I & II

Joe Louis-Nathan Mann

Joe Louis-Omelio Agramonte II

Joe Louis-Paulino Uzcudun

Joe Louis-Primo Carnera

Joe Louis-Rocky Marciano

Joe Louis-Tami Mauriello

Joe Louis-Tommy Farr

Joe Louis-Tony Galento

Joey Robles-Enrique Campos

John Conteh-Matte Parlov (CBS)

John Conteh-Matthew Saad Muhammad I (ABC) & II (ABC)

John Conteh-Yaqui Lopez (studio-sourced tape; starts at beginning of round 2)

John H. Stracey-Carlos Palomino (color video, live British call)

John H. Stracey-Hedgemon Lewis

John H. Stracey-Jose "Mantequilla" Napoles

John H. Stracey-Max Hebeisen

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Bryan Grant (CC) (Rd. 2 [of 2 rds total] only-- it's all that was aired)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Curtis Parker (NBC)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Duane Thomas

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Earl Hargrove (NBC)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Eddie Gazo

John “The Beast” Mugabi-“Fireball” Bill Bradley (ESPN)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Frank "The Animal" Fletcher

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Gary Guiden

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Gerald McClellan

John “The Beast” Mugabi-James "Hard Rock" Green

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Jeff Nelson

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Kenny Snow

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Kenny Styles

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Knox Brown

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (orig. CC) - recorded complete from TV, not the abbreviated commercial video version (also have studio version AND the commercial video version!)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Marvelous Marvin Hagler (ABC) 

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Nino Gonzalez (British call)

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Rene Jacquot

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Roosevelt Green

John “The Beast” Mugabi-"Terrible" Terry Norris

John “The Beast” Mugabi-Wilbert "Vampire" Johnson

John Tate-ALL of his televised 1976 Olympic fights (ABC)

John Tate-Cookie Wallace

John Tate-Duane Bobick (ABC)

John Tate-Eddie “Animal” Lopez

John Tate-Gerrie Coetzee (NBC)

John Tate-Kallie Knoetze (CBS)

John Tate-Leroy Caldwell

John Tate-Mike Weaver (ABC)

John Tate (USA)-Peter Hussing (West Germany) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

John Tate (USA)-Teofilo Stevenson (Cuba) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

John Tate-Trevor Berbick (CC)

John John Molina-Manuel Medina

Johnny Bumphus-Lloyd Honeyghan

Johnny Bumphus-Marlon Starling

Johnny Bumphus-Randy Shields

Jorge Lujan-Alberto Davila

Jorge Lujan-Eusabio Pedroza

Jose Luis Ramirez-Alexis Arguello

Jose Luis Ramirez-Edwin Rosario II

Jose Luis Ramirez-Hector "Macho" Camacho (HBO)

Jose Luis Ramirez-Julio Cesar Chavez - RARE

Jose Luis Ramirez-Manuel Hernandez (CC)

Jose Luis Ramirez-Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker I & II

Jose Luis Ramirez-Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

Jose Napoles-Armando Muniz #1

Jose Napoles-Armando Muniz II (Fox Espanol)

Jose Napoles-Billy Backus I (silent color film)

Jose Napoles-Billy Backus II (live color video)

Jose Napoles-Carlos Monzon (live color video)

Jose Napoles-Clyde Gray (ABC, live color video)

Jose Napoles-Curtis Cokes I (in Spanish, still mint B&W video)

Jose Napoles-Curtis Cokes II (in Spanish, still mint B&W video)

Jose Napoles-E. Lopez II  (Fox Espanol)

Jose Napoles-Hedgemon Lewis I 

Jose Napoles-Hedgemon Lewis I  (Fox Espanol)

Jose Napoles-Hedgemon Lewis II

Jose Napoles-Horatio Saldano

Jose Napoles-John H. Stracey (British call)

Jose Napoles-John H. Stracey  (Fox Espanol)

Jose Napoles-Ralph Charles

Jose "King" Roman-George Foreman (ABC) (Ultra-RARE color VIDEO)

Jose "King" Roman-Terry Daniels

Juan LaPorte-Azumah Nelson

Juan LaPorte-Barry McGuigan

Juan LaPorte-Rocky Lockridge

Juan LaPorte-Salvador Sanchez

Juan LaPorte-Wilfredo Gomez

Juan Domingo Roldan-Frank "The Animal" Fletcher (CC and CBS versions)

Juan Domingo Roldan-James "The Heat" Kinchen

Juan Domingo Roldan-Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Juan Domingo Roldan-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

Julian Jackson-Buster Drayton

Julian Jackson-Dennis Milton

Julian Jackson-Gerald McClellan I & II

Julian Jackson-Herol Graham

Julian Jackson-In-Chul Baek

Julian Jackson-Ismael Negron

Julian Jackson-Mike McCallum (MINT color video; crowd-noise-only audio - RARE)

Julian Jackson-Mike McCallum (in Spanish, still excellent quality)

Julian Jackson-Quincy Taylor

Julian Jackson-Ron Collins

Julian Jackson-"Terrible" Terry Norris (ABC) (brutal KO)

Julian Jackson-Wayne Powell

"Julio Cesar Chavez: The Legend" - Documentary - Excellent career retrospective, with Julio's top 10 title bouts, all represented in pristine, perfect-quality video. A commercial VHS tape from Don King Productions, and hosted by boxing commentator Steve Albert. (1995, 55 minutes (we transferred it to DVD))

Julio Cesar Chavez-Andy Holligan

Julio Cesar Chavez-Bruce Pearson

Julio Cesar Chavez-David Kamau

Julio Cesar Chavez-Dwight Pratchett

Julio Cesar Chavez-Edwin Rosario (HBO)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Frankie Randall I & II

Julio Cesar Chavez-Greg Haugen

Julio Cesar Chavez-Hector "Macho" Camacho

Julio Cesar Chavez-John Duplessis

Julio Cesar Chavez-Jose Luis Ramirez - RARE

Julio Cesar Chavez-Juan LaPorte (HBO)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Kenny Vice

Julio Cesar Chavez-Kostya Tszyu

Julio Cesar Chavez-Kyung-Duk Ahn

Julio Cesar Chavez-Lonnie Smith

Julio Cesar Chavez-Mario Martinez (RARE, American call, 1984; Chavez wins first world championship)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Marty Jakubowski I

Julio Cesar Chavez-Meldrick Taylor I (HBO & CC) & II

Julio Cesar Chavez-Miguel Angel Gonzalez

Julio Cesar Chavez-Oscar De La Hoya I & II

Julio Cesar Chavez-Pernell Whitaker (KingVision/SET/Pay-per-View)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Refugio Rojas (Rare, 1986)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Rocky Lockridge

Julio Cesar Chavez-Rodolfo Aguilar (HBO - RARE)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Roger Mayweather I (CBS) & II (HBO)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Silvio Walter Rojas (in Spanish; still excellent quality - RARE)

Julio Cesar Chavez-Terrence Alli

Julio Cesar Chavez-Tony "The Tiger" Lopez

Julio Cesar Chavez-Tony Martin

Julio Cesar Chavez-Willy Wise I

Junior Jones-Kennedy McKinney (HBO)

Junior Jones-Marco Antonio Barrera I

Kallie Knoetze-Bill Sharkey

Kallie Knoetze-Denton Ruddock (VERY Rare, 1978, in English)

Kallie Knoetze-Duane Bobick

Kallie Knoetze-Gerrie Coetzee (VERY RARE, esp. mint-quality color video like this)

Kallie Knoetze-John Tate (CBS)

Ken Norton-Duane Bobick (NBC)

Ken Norton-Earnie Shavers (ABC)

Ken Norton-George Foreman (CC and ABC)

Ken Norton-Gerry Cooney (HBO)

Ken Norton-Henry Clark (several rds. only)

Ken Norton-Jerry Quarry (crowd noise only; still mint quality)

Ken Norton-Jerry Quarry (with call by MSG commentators; also mint quality)

Ken Norton-Jimmy Young (ABC)

Ken Norton-Jose Luis Garcia II

Ken Norton-Larry Holmes (CC and ABC)

Ken Norton-Larry Middleton (CBS)

Ken Norton-Lorenzo Zanon (NBC)

Ken Norton-Muhammad Ali I (ABC), II (ABC and CC), and III (CC and CBS)

Ken Norton-Pedro Lovell (CBS)

Ken Norton-Randall “Tex” Cobb

Ken Norton-Randy Stephens (ABC)

Ken Norton-Ron Stander (ABC)

Ken Norton-Scott LeDoux (NBC) ("8"/10 in quality; any better quality would be EXTREMELY RARE)

Kennedy McKinney-Junior Jones (HBO)

Kid Gavilan-Billy Graham

Kostya Tszyu-"Cool" Vince Phillips

Kostya Tszyu-Hector Lopez

Kostya Tszyu-Julio Cesar Chavez

Kostya Tszyu-Livingstone Bramble

Kostya Tszyu-Roger Mayweather

Larry Holmes-Alfredo Evangelista

Larry Holmes-Brian Nielsen

Larry Holmes-Carl “The Truth” Williams (NBC)

Larry Holmes-Curtis Shepard (USA)

Larry Holmes-David Bey (HBO)

Larry Holmes-Duane Bobick (1972 US Olympic Trials - amateur)

Larry Holmes-Earnie Shavers I & II (both ABC)

Larry Holmes-Gerry Cooney (orig. live CC [Cosell call], HBO, & super-mint-quality British call)

Larry Holmes-Horace Robinson (1 rd. only)

Larry Holmes-James “Bonecrusher” Smith I and II

Larry Holmes-Jose Ribalta (USA)

Larry Holmes-Leroy Jones (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Ken Norton (both ABC and CC)

Larry Holmes-Leon Spinks (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Lorenzo Zanon (ABC) (We recently found our "lost" beautiful original recording!)

Larry Holmes-Lucien Rodriguez  (NBC)

Larry Holmes-Marvis Frazier (NBC)

Larry Holmes-Michael Spinks I (HBO) & II (HBO)

Larry Holmes-Mike Tyson (HBO)

Larry Holmes-Mike Weaver I (HBO) and II

Larry Holmes-Muhammad Ali (CC and ABC)

Larry Holmes-Ossie Ocasio (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Randall “Tex” Cobb (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Ray Mercer

Larry Holmes-Renaldo “Mr.” Snipes (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Rodney Bobick (ABC)

Larry Holmes-Roy "Tiger" Williams (Ultra-rare)

Larry Holmes-Scott Frank (NBC)

Larry Holmes-Scott Ledoux (ABC)

Larry Holmes-"Terrible" Tim Witherspoon (CC)

Larry Holmes-Tom Prater (new mint-quality copy; even nicer than old mint copy)

Larry Holmes-Trevor Berbick (ABC & HBO)

Larry Holmes-Young Sanford (Fred Houpe) (NBC)

Lennox Lewis-Donovan "Razor" Ruddock

Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield I & II

Lennox Lewis-Frank Bruno

Lennox Lewis-Francois Botha

Lennox Lewis-Hasim Rahman II

Lennox Lewis-Michael Grant

Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson

Lennox Lewis-Mike Weaver

Lennox Lewis-Oliver McCall I & II

Lennox Lewis (CAN)-Riddick Bowe (USA) - 1988 Olympics

Lennox Lewis-Shannon Briggs

Lennox Lewis-Tommy "The Duke" Morrison

Lennox Lewis-Tyrell Biggs (pro)

Lennox Lewis (CAN)-Tyrell Biggs (USA) - 1984 Olympics

Leo Randolph - ALL of his televised 1976 Olympic fights (ABC)

Leo Randolph (USA)-Constantin Gruescu (ROM) - 1976 Olympics (ABC)

Leo Randolph (USA)-David Larmour (IRE) - 1976 Olympics (ABC)

Leo Randolph-Ricardo Cardona (ABC)

Leon Spinks - ALL 1976 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Abellatif Fatihi (MOR) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Alfio Righetti (CBS)

Leon Spinks-Alfredo Evangelista (CBS)

Leon Spinks-Anatoly Klimanov (USSR) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Bernardo Mercado (CC)

Leon Spinks-Bruce Scott

Leon Spinks-Carlos DeLeon (CBS)

Leon Spinks-Dwight Muhammad Qawi

Leon Spinks-Eddie “Animal” Lopez (CBS)

Leon Spinks-Gerrie Coetzee

Leon Spinks-Janusz Gortat (Poland) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Jesse Burnett (CBS)

Leon Spinks-Jose Ribalta

Leon Spinks-Larry Holmes

Leon Spinks-Lightning Bob Smith (Ultra-RARE pro debut, mint quality)

Leon Spinks-Muhammad Ali I (CC and CBS) and II (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Muhammad Ali I (CBS) - Studio-sourced CBS version

Leon Spinks-Ottomar Sachse (E. Germany) (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Leon Spinks-Pedro Agosto

Leon Spinks-Randall "Tex" Cobb

Leon Spinks-Scott LeDoux (CBS) (Extremely rare MINT quality version)

Leon Spinks-Sixto Soria (Cuba) (1976 Olympics) (ABC) (One of the most exciting, action fights EVER!)

Leroy Haley-Saoul Mamby II

Livingstone Bramble-Edwin Rosario (HBO)

Livingstone Bramble-Kostya Tszyu

Livingstone Bramble-Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini I and II (HBO and CBS)

Lloyd Honeyghan-Donald Curry

Lloyd Honeyghan-Johnny Bumphus

Lloyd Honeyghan-Mark Breland

Lloyd Honeyghan-Marlon Starling (HBO)

Lloyd Honeyghan-Vinny Pazienza

Lou Nova-Joe Louis

Lou Nova-Max Baer

Louis Curtis (USA)-Henryk Srednicki (1976 Olympics) (ABC)

Louis Howard-Dwight Williams

Luis Resto-Billy Collins, Jr. (CBS & CC versions) - infamous glove-tampering incident

Luis Resto-Bruce Curry

Lupe Aquino-Davey Moore

Lupe Aquino-Donald Curry

Lupe Aquino-Duane Thomas

Lupe Aquino-Lloyd Taylor (rare; on MSG card)

Lupe Aquino-Marlon Starling

Lupe Aquino-Milton McCrory

Lupe Aquino-Steve Hearon (NBC)

Marco Antonio Barrera-Prince Naseem Hamed (PPV/TVKO)

Marco Barahona-Jimmy McCloud (HBO, 1974)

Mark Breland - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Mark Breland-Aaron Davis (ABC)

Mark Breland-Darryl Anthony

Mark Breland-Dwight Williams (ABC)

Mark Breland-Harold Volbrecht

Mark Breland-Hedgemon Robertson

Mark Breland-John Munduga

Mark Breland-Lloyd Honeyghan

Mark Breland-Marlon Starling I (ABC) & II (HBO)

Mark Breland-Rafael Pineda

Mark Breland-Reggie Miller

Mark Breland-Richard Aguirre (ABC)

Mark Breland-Ricky Avendano

Mark Breland-Seung-Soon Lee (HBO)

Mark Breland-Steve Little

Mark Breland-Troy Wortham

Mark Medal-Carlos Santos (MSG) (RARE U.S. call)

Mark Medal-Earl Hargrove

Mark Medal-Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns

Marlon Starling-Donald Curry I (CBS) & II (ABC)

Marlon Starling-Floyd Mayweather, Sr. II (a "7.5"/10 in quality, but VERY rare)

Marlon Starling-Jose "The Threat" Baret (CBS)

Marlon Starling-Kevin Howard (CBS)

Marlon Starling-Kevin Morgan (CBS)

Marlon Starling-Johnny Bumphus

Marlon Starling-Lloyd Honeyghan (HBO)

Marlon Starling-Mark Breland I (ABC) & II (HBO)

Marlon Starling-Michael Nunn (HBO)

Marlon Starling-Ralph Twinning

Marlon Starling-Simon Brown (Rare)

Marlon Starling-Tomas Molinares (HBO)

Marlon Starling-Tommy Ayers (CBS) (the 2 rds. shown)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Alan Minter (ABC)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Alan Minter (British call-- LONG pre- and post-fight through both dressing rooms)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Bennie Briscoe (RARE, MINT & Complete with no flaws!)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts I (color film, silent) - VERY RARE!

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts II (ABC)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Caveman Lee (ABC)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Doug Demmings (CBS)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Eugene "Cyclone" Hart (an "8.5"/10 in quality)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Fulgencio Obelmejias I  (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Fulgencio Obelmejias II  (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-John “The Beast” Mugabi (CC) - recorded complete from TV, not the abbreviated commercial video version (also have studio version AND the commercial video version!)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-John “The Beast” Mugabi (ABC) 

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Juan Domingo Roldan  (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Loucif Hamani (CBS)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Marcos Geraldo

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Mustafa Hamsho I  (orig. HBO) 

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Mustafa Hamsho I  (NBC)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Mustafa Hamsho II (orig. HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Norberto Cabrera (Several rds; not complete; still mint quality)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Roberto Duran (orig. CC and HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Sugar Ray Leonard (orig. CC and HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Sugar Ray Seales III (CBS) (post-fight replay only, of the entire 1-round bout)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns (CC & HBO versions, both complete broadcasts)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Tony Sibson  (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Vito Antuofermo I (ABC) & II  (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Wilford Scypion (HBO)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Willie "The Worm" Monroe III (Prism)

Marvelous Marvin Hagler-Willie Warren

Marvin Camel-Willie "The Cannon" Shannon

Marvin Johnson-Eddie Gregory (Eddie Mustafa Muhammad) (ABC)

Marvin Johnson-Jean-Marie Emebe (VERY RARE in top quality like this)

Marvin Johnson-Johnny Baldwin (PRISM) 

Marvin Johnson-Lee Royster (Rare)

Marvin Johnson-Leslie Stewart I & II

Marvin Johnson-Matt Franklin (Matthew Saad Muhammad) I & II

Marvin Johnson-Matte Parlov (NBC)

Marvin Johnson-Michael Spinks

Marvin Johnson-Vandell Woods

Marvin Johnson-Victor Galindez

Marvin Stinson-Jeff Shelburg (ESPN) (extremely RARE)

Marvis Frazier-James "Bonecusher" Smith

Marvis Frazier-James "Broad Axe" Broad (CBS) - very exciting fight!

Marvis Frazier-Joe Bugner (CBS)

Marvis Frazier-Larry Holmes (NBC)

Marvis Frazier-Mike Tyson (ABC)

Marvis Frazier-Steve Zouski (HBO)

Matte Parlov-John Conteh (CBS)

Matte Parlov-Marvin Johnson (NBC)

Matte Parlov-Miguel Cuello (crowd noise only)

Matthew Hilton-Buster Drayton

Matthew Hilton-Doug DeWitt

Matthew Hilton-Wilfred Benitez

Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad)-Dale Grant

Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad)-Eddie Gregory (Mustafa Muhammad) (first 4 of 8 rds.) (Franklin-Gregory is a "7.5-8"/10 in quality, still the BEST quality available)

Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad)-Lee Royster

Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad)-Marvin Johnson I (PrismVision) & II (ABC)

Matthew Franklin (Saad Muhammad)-Yaqui Lopez I (PrismVision) & II (CBS)

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Andrew Maynard

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Dwight Braxton (Qawi) I (ABC) & II (HBO)

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Eric Winbush

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Jerry Martin

Matthew Saad Muhammad-John Conteh I (ABC) & II (ABC)

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Lotte Mwale (CBS)

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Luis Pergaud

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Murray Sutherland

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Pete McIntyre

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Richie Kates (PrismVision)

Matthew Saad Muhammad-Vonzell Johnson

Max Baer-Jim Braddock (Braddock's "Cinderella Man" title victory)

Max Baer-Joe Louis

Max Baer-Lou Nova

Max Baer-Primo Carnera

Max Cohen-Rodrigo Valdez (color video)

Max Schmeling-Joe Louis I and II

Max Schmeling-Young Stribling

Meldrick Taylor - ALL 1984 Olympic bouts (ABC)

Meldrick Taylor-Dwight Pratchett

Meldrick Taylor-Howard Davis, Jr.

Meldrick Taylor-Ivan Gonzalez (SHO)

Meldrick Taylor-James "Buddy" McGirt

Meldrick Taylor-Julio Cesar Chavez I (HBO & CC) & II

Meldrick Taylor-Luke Lecce (ABC) (Taylor's pro debut on "Night of Gold;" this one bout wasn't televised) - RARE

Meldrick Taylor-Roberto Medina (alias for John E. Garcia, a fugitive criminal who was arrested minutes after this bout!  Confirmed i.d. was made by police when his unique tattoos were revealed upon removal of his robe!)

Meldrick Taylor-Rockin' Robin Blake

Meldrick Taylor-"Terrible" Terry Norris

Meldrick Taylor-Victor Acosta

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Al "Thunder" Byrd ("7.5"/10 quality, still the best available)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Earl Tripp

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Donovan "Razor" Ruddock

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Evander Holyfield (SHO) - all-time great fight!

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-George Chaplin (ABC)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Gerrie Coetzee (3 versions: orig. HBO [complete broadcast], also HBO STUDIO-sourced version with the complete fight and some pre-and-post fight but is not the entire broadcast, & ABC re-broadcast [ABC broadcasted most but not all rds.])

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Jimmy Young

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-John L. Gardner

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Jose Ribalta (USA)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Kevin Porter

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Lynn Ball

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Mike Jameson

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Ossie Ocasio I & II

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Mike Weaver I (orig. HBO & ABC)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Mike Weaver II (ABC)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Mike Weaver II (orig. CC)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Muhammad Ali (ABC)- exhibition, 1977- Ali's amazing defense: hands down but unhittable!

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Randall "Tex" Cobb I (ABC) & II (HBO)

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Riddick Bowe

Michael “Dynamite” Dokes-Rocky Sekorski (SHO)

Michael Moorer-Axel Schulz (ABC)

Michael Moorer-Billy Wright

Michael Moorer-Dale Crowe

Michael Moorer-Eliseo Castillo

Michael Moorer-Evander Holyfield I & II

Michael Moorer-Everett "Big Foot" Martin

Michael Moorer-Francois Botha

Michael Moorer-Freddie Delgado (Moorer at his very best in blasting out tough-chinned Delgado in Lt-heavy title defense) - RARE 

Michael Moorer-George Foreman (HBO; also have crowd-noise-only version)

Michael Moorer-James Pritchard

Michael Moorer-Jose Arimatea DaSilva

Michael Moorer-Mario Melo

Michael Moorer-Mike Evans

Michael Moorer-Otis Tisdale

Michael Moorer-Robert Davis

Michael Moorer-Terrence Lewis

Michael Moorer-Vassiliy Jirov

Michael Moorer-Vaughn Bean

Michael Nunn-Alex Ramos  (Rare)

Michael Nunn-Curtis Parker

Michael Nunn-Danny Morgan

Michael Nunn-Donald Curry

Michael Nunn-Frank Tate

Michael Nunn-James "Lights Out" Toney

Michael Nunn-Marlon Starling (HBO)

Michael Nunn-Sergio Campos (Rare 1985 bout)

Michael Nunn-Sumbu Kalambay (vicious 1-punch KO)

Michael Olajide-Frank Tate

Michael Olajide-Iran Barkley

Michael Olajide-Stacy McSwain

Michael Olajide-Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns

Michael Spinks-David Sears

Michael Spinks-Dwight Muhammad Qawi (HBO)

Michael Spinks-Eddie Benson

Michael Spinks-Eddie Davis (CBS)

Michael Spinks-Eddie Mustafa Muhammad (ABC)

Michael Spinks-Gary Summerhays (Extremely rare, esp. this quality)

Michael Spinks-Gerry Cooney (ABC)

Michael Spinks-Gerry Cooney (PPV/CC)

Michael Spinks-Jasper Brisbane (only fair quality, but in Ultra-Rare color VIDEO, not film)

Michael Spinks-Jerry Celestine

Michael Spinks-"Diamond" Jim MacDonald (CC)

Michael Spinks-Joe Borden (CC)

Michael Spinks-Johnny Davis (ABC)

Michael Spinks-Larry Holmes I (HBO) and II (HBO)

Michael Spinks-Luis Rodriguez (CBS)

Michael Spinks-Marvin Johnson

Michael Spinks-Mike Tyson (PPV)

Michael Spinks-Murray Sutherland II

Michael Spinks-Mustafa Wassaja

Michael Spinks-Oscar Rivadenyra (VERY RARE, esp. this quality)

Michael Spinks-Ramon Ranquillo (CBS) (Rare Complete version!)

Michael Spinks-Rufat Riskiev (1976 Olympic Gold Medal) (ABC) (ULTRA-Rare)

Michael Spinks-Steffen Tangstaad

Michael Spinks-Tom “The Bomb” Bethea (CBS) (RARE)

Michael Spinks-Vonzell Johnson (CBS)

Michael Spinks-Yaqui Lopez (NBC)

Michael Spinks-Willie Taylor (ESPN; VERY Rare; "8"/10 quality)

Miguel Cuello-Matte Parlov (crowd noise only)

Mike McCallum-Ayub Kalule

Mike McCallum-Carlos Betancourt (MSG)

Mike McCallum-David Braxton

Mike McCallum-Donald Curry (HBO)

Mike McCallum-Greg Young (MSG)

Mike McCallum-James Toney I & II

Mike McCallum-Julian Jackson (MINT color video; crowd-noise-only audio - RARE)

Mike McCallum-Julian Jackson (in Spanish)

Mike McCallum-Luigi Minchillo

Mike McCallum-Manuel Jiminez

Mike McCallum-Michael Watson

Mike McCallum-Milton McCrory (ABC)

Mike McCallum-Sean Mannion (HBO)

Mike Rossman-Al Bolden

Mike Rossman-Aldo Traversaro (Ultra-RARE orig. American call)

Mike Rossman-Aldo Traversaro  (Fox Espanol)

Mike Rossman-Charlie Smith (PRISM network)

Mike Rossman-Dwight Braxton (Qawi)

Mike Rossman-Gary Summerhays

Mike Rossman-Henry Sims (in Spanish)

Mike Rossman-Lonnie Bennett

Mike Rossman-Luke Capuano I & II

Mike Rossman-Marcel Clay

Mike Rossman-Matt Donovan II (Ultra-RARE color film)

Mike Rossman-Matt Ross

Mike Rossman-Mike Nixon II

Mike Rossman-Mike Quarry III (Ultra-RARE, esp. in this MINT quality)

Mike Rossman-Victor Galindez I (ABC) & II (ABC)

Mike Rossman-Yaqui Lopez

"Mike Tyson and the Great Heavyweights" (ABC Wide World of Sports, 1987)- Tyson with Alex Walleau

Mike Tyson-A&E long documentary, new (RARE, studio-sourced; never televised)

Mike Tyson-Alex Stewart

Mike Tyson-Alfonzo Ratliff (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Andrew Golota

Mike Tyson-Brian Nielsen

Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon

Mike Tyson-Buster Mathis, Jr.

Mike Tyson-Carl “The Truth” Williams (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Clifford Etienne

Mike Tyson-Conroy Nelson (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Danny Williams

Mike Tyson-Dave Jaco (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Don Halpin (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Donnie Long (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Donovan “Razor” Ruddock I (PPV) & II (PPV)

Mike Tyson-Eddie Richardson (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield I & II

Mike Tyson-Francois Botha

Mike Tyson-Frank Bruno I (HBO) & II (HBO)

Mike Tyson-Hector Mercedes (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Henry Milligan (amateur - 1984 U.S. Olympic Trials; Tyson KOs VERY highly-touted Princeton University student) - Studio version) - VERY RARE!

Mike Tyson-Henry Tillman I and II (both amateur - 1984 U.S. Olympic Trials & Box-Offs, respectively; Tyson loses twice. He wouldn't lose after these until 1990 upset KO by Buster Douglas as a professional.)

Mike Tyson-Henry Tillman (pro) (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-James "Bonecrusher" Smith (HBO)

Mike Tyson-James "Buster" Douglas (HBO original & HBO rebroadcast (the rebroadcast has discussions of "controversies" from the fight along with new studio interviews a few days after the bout with Douglas, Tyson, Gil Clancy, and Angelo Dundee) - (both studio vers. and excellent home recordings for BOTH)

Mike Tyson-James "Quick" Tillis (ABC) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Jesse Ferguson (ABC) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-John Alderson (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Jose Ribalta (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Julius Francis

Mike Tyson-Kevin McBride

Mike Tyson-Larry Holmes (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis

Mike Tyson-Lorenzo Boyd (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Lorenzo Canady (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Lou Savarese

Mike Tyson-Mark Young (HBA) (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Marvis Frazier (ABC) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Michael Jack Johnson (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Michael Spinks (2 versions: live Pay-per-View with post-fight press conference, and HBO) (both studio and home-recorded versions of PPV, plus excellent home recording of HBO = 3 recordings)

Mike Tyson-Mike Jameson (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Mitch "Blood" Green (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Orlin Norris

Mike Tyson-Peter McNeeley (3 versions: live Pay-per-View [has Showtime commentators], Showtime re-broadcast, AND Bob Sheridan live call (the latter is the Pay-per-View broadcast in Canada and elsewhere)

Mike Tyson-Pinklon Thomas (both HBO and CC/Bob Sheridan call) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording of HBO; CC is studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Reggie Gross (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Ricardo "Rick" Spain (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Robert Colay (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Sammy Scaff (MSG) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Sterling Benjamin (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Steve Zouski (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Tony Tubbs (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Tony Tucker (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-Trent Singleton (studio-sourced)

Mike Tyson-Trevor Berbick (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent COMPLETE BROADCAST home-recording)

Mike Tyson-Tyrell Biggs (HBO) (both studio vers. and excellent home recording)

Mike Tyson-William Hosea (studio-sourced)

Mike Weaver-Carl "The Truth" Williams (ABC)

Mike Weaver-Gerrie Coetzee (CBS)

Mike Weaver-James "Bonecrusher" Smith I

Mike Weaver-John Tate (ABC)

Mike Weaver-Johnny Du Plooy I

Mike Weaver-Larry Holmes I (HBO)

Mike Weaver-Lennox Lewis

Mike Weaver-Michael "Dynamite" Dokes I (HBO, ABC) & II (CC, ABC)

Mike Weaver-Phillip Brown

Mike Weaver-Pinklon Thomas (HBO)

Mike Weaver-Scott Ledoux (CBS)

Mike Weaver-Tony Anthony

Milton McCrory-Carlos Trujillo

Milton McCrory-Colin Jones I (ABC) and II (ABC) 

Milton McCrory-Donald Curry (HBO)

Milton McCrory-Doug DeWitt 

Milton McCrory-Lupe Aquino

Milton McCrory-Mike McCallum (ABC)

Milton McCrory-Milton Guest

Milton McCrory-Pedro Vilella 

Milton McCrory-Roger Stafford

Monte Masters-Luis Acosta (ESPN)

"Muhammad Ali: This Is Your Life" (EXCELLENT British TV show, circa 1978, with numerous guests from Ali's long career, including amateur, plus his childhood)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) on Steve Allen (Tonight Show) - 1963 (16 minutes) - great b&w VIDEO (not film!)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Alex Miteff

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Alonzo Johnson

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Archie Moore (RARE live call in b&w VIDEO)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Archie Moore (narrated film version)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Billy Daniels

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Charles "Sonny" Liston I (live call, b&w sharp film)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Charles "Sonny" Liston I (live call, b&w sharp VIDEO, with ESPN logo-- RARE)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Charles "Sonny" Liston II (live call, b&w sharp VIDEO)

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Doug Jones

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Henry Cooper I & II

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Sonny Banks

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)-Ziggy Pietrykowski (amateur; Olympic gold medal bout)

Muhammad Ali on "The Mike Douglas Show" - TWO shows: one each from 1972 and 1974 - perfect color VIDEO 

Muhammad Ali-Al "Blue" Lewis

Muhammad Ali-Alfredo Evangelista (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Bob Foster (CC & ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Brian London (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Buster Mathis (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Buster Mathis (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Chuck Wepner (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams (ABC) (b&w video)

Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams (LIVE call; Closed-Circuit with Don Dunphy, Jim Brown) (b&w film)

Muhammad Ali-Earnie Shavers (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Earnie Shavers (NBC)

Muhammad Ali-George Foreman (CC--longest vers. available), also ABC vers.

Muhammad Ali-Ernie Terrell (ABC) (review w/Cosell in studio; 8 of 15 rds., VIDEO)

Muhammad Ali-Ernie Terrell (ABC) (b&w mint VIDEO version, complete 15 rds., Cosell live call)

Muhammad Ali-Ernie Terrell (Big Fights color film highlights; several rounds)

Muhammad Ali-Floyd Patterson I (ABC and live CC)

Muhammad Ali-Floyd Patterson II (CC and ABC)

Muhammad Ali-George Chuvalo I (ABC and CC) and II (CC)

Muhammad Ali-George Foreman (CC and ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Jerry Quarry I (CC) (Ultra-rare this quality)

Muhammad Ali-Jerry Quarry II (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Jerry Quarry II (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Jimmy Ellis (ABC) (Super Rare this [mint] quality)

Muhammad Ali-Jimmy Ellis (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Jimmy Young (ABC vers. w/Cosell off-air comments between rds)

Muhammad Ali-Jimmy Young (ABC vers. with commercials between rds)

Muhammad Ali-Jean-Pierre Coopman

Muhammad Ali-Jody Ballard (ABC) - exhibition, 1977

Muhammad Ali-Joe Bugner I  (RARE all 12 of 12 rds., crowd noise only)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Bugner I (ABC/Cosell call) (9 of 12 rds.) 

Muhammad Ali-Joe Bugner II (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier I (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier II (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier II (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier III (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier III CC (entire show!)

Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier studio brawl before fight #2 (ABC) with review of entire fight #1, ~1 ½ hours

Muhammad Ali-Jurgen Blin (not mint, about an "8.5" of 10; also have mint vers. from ESPN Classic)

Muhammad Ali-Karl Mildenberger (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton I (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton II (CC & ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton III (CC & CBS)

Muhammad Ali-Larry Holmes (CC and ABC))

Muhammad Ali-Leon Spinks I (CBS)

Muhammad Ali-Leon Spinks I (CBS) - Studio-sourced CBS version

Muhammad Ali-Leon Spinks I (CC)

Muhammad Ali-Leon Spinks II (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Lyle Alzado (NBC) - exhibition with pro football player/ex-amateur fighter, 1979

Muhammad Ali-Mac Foster

Muhammad Ali-Michael Dokes (ABC) - exhibition, 1977 - Ali's amazing defense: hands down but unhittable!

Muhammad Ali-Oscar Bonavena (ABC Wide World & CC versions)

Muhammad Ali-Richard Dunn (NBC)

Muhammad Ali-Ron Lyle (ABC)

Muhammad Ali-Rudi Lubbers

Muhammad Ali-Trevor Berbick (live PPV)

Muhammad Ali-Zora Folley (color video, not film)


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